Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knit Night & A Dog Bite

On Monday night I had just sat down to a lovely cup of hot cinnamon tea with my Knit Night Girls gathered round my dining room table. Carey baked us these divine white rose cupcakes. Aren't they gorgeous?! Well, I had just swallowed the last bite when all kinds of commotion broke loose in the kitchen where my Mom and Scott were finishing up supper.
As Scott was getting up from the table a chicken bone slid right off his plate and faster than greased lightening, Phoebe, one of my weenie dogs snapped it right up! Not being fed table food, she was sure this was manna from Heaven! It was a leg bone. And it was in her throat in an instant. Well, I'm not about to let a dog choke to death. They are my babies. So, I went after it.
And that's where we entered the "dog bite" portion of the night.
Now let me just say this right from the start.
I have 3 dogs.
Not a single one of them would ever bite anyone.
Especially not their beloved Mommy.
Especially not THIS dog.
She is THE MOST gentle dog I have ever had.
She is all HEART
She has no idea she even bit me.
She was gulping and chewing at the same time and before I could get my finger back out, she bit down. No growling or fighting me in that way. She just wanted that chicken bone.
When I pulled my finger out it had 5 punture wounds.
Carey is a nurse practitioner. She helped me clean it and dress it. It didn't need stitches but it is quite swollen, sore and a bit bruised.
I was not able to knit or crochet with the Girls at all since it was my right index finger but we still had a good time once we got through our mini medical emergency.
The chicken Bone?
I got it out~
As far as knitting news goes, I have decided to make a full blown shawl out of the beautiful Deja Vu yarn. I AM going to do a neckwarmer sized one eventually as well, but I want this one to be a shawl for Me really bad!
Thanks for all of your input on the matter.
And I am so sorry I did not respond to each individual comment as I usually do. My darn index finger has been too sore to type!
But I did make the jaunt out to the yarn shop for a couple more skeins so this swelling better go down soon so I can pick my hook back up and get busy.
I can't wait to wrap it around my shoulders :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Deja Vu

As Summer has finally given way to Autumn I have set my needles and hooks to warmer work. Still, however, I must admit to a bit of a backward glance. These last roses that I dried from my garden, along with a sprig of lavender, inspired the color palette for my latest crochet project. Being ever fond of soft hues of
rosy pink
 I love yarns that have a blend of these colors along with more earthy tones like
   They take me straight back to my little cottage garden. So when I spotted this heavenly skein of  kettle dyed Malabrigo Yarn I had a moment of Deja Vu. Although the sumptuously soft merino wool will keep me wonderfully warm, the colors mingled together will help me find my way  to my Summer Garden through the long Fall and Winter ahead.
As you can see, even my tiny helper is excited over it. He's guarding it so the cat doesn't snatch it while I pour myself another cup of tea.  
When I started crocheting this I intended to make a full sized Granny Square Shawl. They are so pretty and actually quick to make. And I am so cold natured. I need as many layers as possible!
 And why not be arrayed in 
Now this is what just one skein does. Maybe I should leave this one at this length and wear it as a neckwarmer. Or maybe I should head for the yarn shop for just one more skein 
{I only purchased one ~ but Heaven knows that can be remedied!}
and grow it into a proper Shawl.
What do you think?
I will take a vote from my Knit Night Girls this evening as well.
Either way, it just gives me an excuse to buy more yarn and make this lovely pattern again....and again...
I see several neckwarmers and shawls in my future.
Afterall, the Holidays are just around the corner.
And I live in an estrogen dominant family!
The color name of this gorgeous yarn?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Subtle Shades of White

I have a passion for white pumpkins! They're not a true white however. That's what I like so much about them. They have a soft, just barely off ~ whiteness about them. Instead of being...
 they are
While browsing the aisles of my local K~Mart store the other day, I happened upon these precious pumpkins in my favorite shade of Non~Orange! {Tee Hee!}
Low and behold, they were on sale.
Only $5.00.
Being hard pressed to do an overabundance of Fall decorating, due to the fact my house is rather ROSY on the whole,  and does not lend itself well to Autumnal colors, I couldn't pass these little beauties by.
So I snapped them up
 then I headed for the spray paint section, the REAL reason I was there, and found a can of
Heirloom White.
I wanted to spray paint all of these baskets I have purchased at the local thrift store.
I love this shade of white paint.
It's not ivory, or cream, or antique, exactly.....
It's "heirloom".
 I will fill all of these baskets with yarn of various colors and fibers.
Then they will find a new home in my soon to be  
I am turning an upstairs bedroom that one of my newly married daughters has left vacant into my very own
I will finally have my own Office / Studio.
Once I get started I will show the work in progress.
The walls are a  FRESH GREEN already.
 There will be lots of creamy, white goodness all about.
And of course, my beloved PINK ROSY~ness will have to be sprinkled in here and there.
I will keep you posted.
Hope you are all having a Beautiful Sunday
full of

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Step Back In Time

I always love the feeling that washes over me the instant I walk into an Antique Shop. It's like taking a step back in  time. My Mother, Sister and I made the rounds yesterday for our weekly outing together. As we were admiring all the lovely handwork and old fine furnishings, Bridget said how much she loves the simplicity of the way the pioneer women lived. I agreed. Then about 30 seconds later I said if they were alive today they would sure set us straight on the meaning of the word "simplicity"!
Now this would have been a modern convenience for a pioneer woman but I sure can't imagine having to cook on it. For one thing, look how low it is. Talk about a back breaker! And I'm just a smidge over 5'3". For someone tall that would be crazy!
But I wouldn't mind having it just for looks :)
This rooster caught my eye because he took me back to my childhood.
My grandparents were chicken farmers.
Lots of happy memories of playing in the sunshine and running through the cornfields with my cousins as we were growing up.
How lovely is this?
My Mother has always had a thing for these.
I love the dresser scarf too.
This chair was gorgeous!
But what did I come home with?
Because you know I had to have some little SOMETHING.....
This charming accent lamp!
Isn't it unusual?
I've never seen one quite like it.
I LOVE vintage lamps.
This one sits very prettily on my dresser.
It has different flowers on each side.
And look at that darling scallop along the top edge.
Yep, I had to have it!
I love to look at old things like this and wonder who owned them before.
Then I think of the years I will enjoy them until I pass them on to one of my daughters or granddaughter.
And honestly, I think they are happy for the time they spend with me :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bridal Rose Tea Cup

This has been an absolutely beautiful day of sunshine, soft fluffy clouds and fantastic early Fall breezes. I did wake to a house that was slightly cooler than I prefer, so when Hubby left for work I turned the furnace on for the first time and let it run for about an hour just to knock the chill out of the air.

 Naughty Me!
But as the day went on it was just gorgeous and I had to open the windows to let the warm breezes blow in and warm the house that way. Such funny weather this time of year!
Well ~ it was such a lovely day that my Mother and I decided to take a stroll around the local thrift shop during the afternoon. And I am so happy that we did :)
This is the treasure I returned home with from today's hunt.
A Fine Bone China English Tea Cup and Saucer.
The pattern is
~Bridal Rose~
I have never seen it before.
I am totally in love with it!
And so very glad I ventured out.
It is in perfect condition.
I paid a mere $6.99 for this delightful piece.
As you can see in the first picture, I settled right in and had a nice cup of tea when I got home.
So very charming.
Don't you agree?
I felt just like
"Her Majesty"
from the first
the last
I think she's happy in her new home. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White China & Pink Roses

"Honor Women!
They entwine and weave Heavenly Roses
in our earthly life."
Johann Schiller

I couldn't resist cutting the last bloom and bud off my rosebush and bringing it into the house this afternoon to enjoy. I think I may even dry it tomorrow.  But it's just too gorgeous in this charming white creamer not to let it live there for at least a day or so. The pink against the milky white is too perfect
The exquisite sugar bowl and creamer were a birthday gift from my sweet friend Amy this Summer. While the smaller cream pitcher was a Christmas gift many years ago from my friend Krista.
Ahhh.....they know me well.

And, actually, that's all I have to say for today.
Truthfully, the quote at the top says it all.
Don't know exactly who this guy was ~
but he sure gets my vote!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Invincible Summer

As Summer fades into Fall, I begin to look in earnest for as many flowers that are still blooming as I can possibly find. There are still a few. Thankfully. I am one of those people who doesn't let go of the Sweet Summertime too easily. While everyone else in the universe gets excited over the coming crispness of Autumn evenings, I am still looking longingly over my shoulder for warm nights on my porchswing. I do get caught up in the holiday spirit in a big way but the day after Christmas {literally~ the DAY AFTER} I am wondering if it's almost May.......
But, anyway, I thought I might show you a bit of what's still in bloom in my tiny, overgrown, somewhat neglected garden. Just a few pictures of some of my favorite things.
A magical Fairy stepping stone. A birthday gift from my Mother a few Summer's ago.
I love the Pink Polka Dot plant cascading behind her.
I love this darling birdhouse that was another birthday gift from my friend Krista several Summer's ago. I get lots of garden finery for my June birthday :)
Those are Peonies behind the fence.
The brick house is my Mother ~ In ~ Law's house next door to me.
It's where Scott grew up.
A beautiful Plumbago bush. Once again, a gift, from my dear friend Diane.
She brought it to me when she visited from Kentucky in the Spring.
Thankfully it blooms and blooms and blooms because the bunnies LOVE the taste of it!
Speaking of Bunnies ~ I love this little cast iron fella. He was ~ yes a one time birthday gift! ~ from my friend Karen.
He guards the birdbath where sprigs of Chocolate Mint meander about.
A sweet couple of lover's nestled between the roses and hollyhock.
A gift from Karen as well.
A beautiful Fleur De Lis grill that was a gift from Krista looks majestic amongst the hostas.
 It has weathered and rusted over the years so nicely!
And one last look at the last Rose of Summer.
She is an Old English variety.
I no longer remember her name.
Her perfume is absolutely divine.
Straight from Heaven.
And, believe it or not, this is one thing I actually bought for myself!
My humble little garden sits just outside my kitchen window.
Every time I gaze at it I feel wrapped in arms of love.
Mother Love.
Girlfriend Love.
The Great, Boundless Love of God.
Though I will miss my Sweet Summertime and my Garden, all it's love and promise lay within in my memory and my heart.
Waiting.....just waiting.... ALWAYS waiting...
"In the depths of Winter
I finally learned
that within me lay an
Albert Camus

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tiny Stitcher

On Monday night we all came together for Knit Night again after a bit of a Summer break. We don't always break for the Summer, but this time we all seemed to be running in different directions with our own families for awhile, so we took a little time off. Being back together was like a happy family reunion! :) As always, we drank tea, consumed sugar {in the form of cupcakes this time}, swapped stories and got on the business end of a whole lot of yarn!
Pictured above are the precious little hands of Ivy, our Tiny Stitcher. She is the 5 year old best friend of my granddaughter Gabby. Ivy's Grandma, Carey and I have been best friends since we were 18 and 21 {me being the older one}. We had our babies {all girls for each of us} at the same time and raised them up together and now our daughters are doing the same thing. Isn't lifelong friendship a beautiful thing?
 Ivy and her Mommy ~ Malory.
This is Ivy's first year of being homeschooled and part of her education is learning to crochet. And believe me, she is doing a mighty fine job. Those tiny hands just move that hook in and out right where it needs to go.
This is Ivy's "Meena" {that's what she calls Carey instead of Grandma} taking a peek to make sure the stitches are all lining up.
I just love seeing such little hands taking up the craft already. Makes my heart beat with great happiness! :)
And one more crafty thing I have to show off ~
Carey has recently learned the lovely art of basket making.
I am so delighted with her skills!
Aren't they beautiful?
And they had that wonderful baskety smell about them too.
She has promised to teach me at some point.
Afterall ~ I'm the one who taught her to crochet many years ago {which she is a PRO at!}.
And then I taught her to knit a few years ago too.
So, now it's my turn :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grapevine & Roses

I started my day today with a very exciting trip to my local yarn shop! Since this is the week of my hometown's annual  Pumpkin Festival, Debbie, the owner, always has 20% off everything in the store.  I try hard to make sure I always have a little stash of cash set back for this event. So I thought you might like to see my show and tell :)

Pictured above is the new knitting needle set by DENISE. It's called Denise2Go. This is how they advertise it: "It's portable. It's pretty. It's petite. It packs a lot of knitting potential." Well I agree! I mean, all it took was the soft pink, green and lavender color scheme accompanied by those luscious roses and I was sold! The needle sizes are US 5-10, with one crochet hook. Needless to say I am tickled PINK!
This is what it looks like all closed up. It measures about 5" by 2 1/4".
Of course no trip to a yarn shop would be complete without some YARN.
So here's the fiber I chose today.
The color?
Oh So Pretty!
And what to make with it?
A Mobius Wrap for Little Ole Me! :)
Oh! And I even bought a pretty wooden shawl pin for a finishing touch.
I just LOVE a Yarn Shop Sale, don't you?! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love One Another

One of my best friends gave this to me for my birthday a couple of Summer's ago. It sits on the hardwood floor in front of my fireplace in the dining room where I can see it from my new knitting chair. Just 3 simple words ~ LOVE ONE ANOTHER ~ but they really do say it all, don't they?

We had a wonderful weekend here of celebrating Scott's birthday. There were 17 of us gathered in my snug little cottage on Sunday for a family cookout. Everyone of us was very happy to be together, to have each other and well... just simply to be allowed another opportunity to "love one another".
Though I should have taken many pictures all day long, I was too busy baking cake, cooking and playing hostess. But I did capture one sweet moment between Gabby and her PaPa.
Sorry for all the snacky stuff in front of Scott. That's part of my sister's birthday gift to him. She's getting him ready for watching The Bear's!
Today's post is short and simple. I just wanted to mainly say this ~
Remember that time goes by quickly,
We never know what is around the next corner,
And the most important thing ALWAYS is that we
Every moment, every chance we get, no matter what.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Knitting Through the Storm

I woke up this morning to a great, glorious storm. Loud peals of thunder  rumbling through the sky, rain pelting the house and lightening crackling in the heavens. I don't know about you, but I like a good storm. And we have need of some rain. Of course I don't live in the path of a hurricane so I don't have that fear. We do get some serious tornados in our area from time to time however. That being said though, this has not been one of those years, thankfully.

On a personal note's been a stormy year. August 25th marked one year ago that we were told my husband had a "large mass" on his pancreas. On September 12th it will be one year since they surgically removed that mass, 60% of his pancreas and his spleen. Then they followed up with radiation treatments. In the midst of all that my RA took a serious turn for the worse {uh... Go Figure} and both of our daughters got married and left home within 6 months of each other.
WHEW! It's been a rough year at sea!
One of the reasons I mention all of this today is because actually,
 we have cause to celebrate on this day. Today is my husbands 52nd birthday!
 A year ago, I must admit, I wasn't sure he'd be here for this one. 
Pancreatic Cancer is one of the Big Boys.
We are PRAISING GOD today, and every day, that he IS here and CANCER FREE.

One of the things that remains constant for me
 {except when the RA flares to the point I have to take a break ~
 but that is even doing better lately :) }
 is that no matter what life throws at me, I just keep knitting through the storm.  
And as I knit, I pray....and pray....and pray.
I give thanks that we have made it through this year and pray we won't have to go through another one like it. I also give thanks for the family and friends who have been through the thick of it with us.
And I want to extend a special THANK YOU to all of you who take the time to chat with me here in Blogland. It has been my HAPPY PLACE. And I have needed that so much more than any of you know. You have lifted my spirits and given me something positive to focus on. You have given me a purpose to my day, kept me inspired and made me smile. And trust me ~ that is no small thing.
May you all be RICHLY BLESSED. 
I hold you all in a special place in my heart and enjoy the glimpse into your world each day.
So really ~ seriously ~ Thank each and every one of you. :)
I will see you all sometime next week.
We're going to spend the weekend CELEBRATING!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Do You See?

There is a fairly new vintage store across the street and one block up from my house {ooohhh ~ I could get into so much trouble in there!} called Second Betty's that I just love to poke around in every chance I get. Well today was one of those day's that my Mom and I decided we needed to take a little gander at what might be new {but so pleasingly old!} in there.

 When I went around the corner & entered the second room I nearly squealed out loud with pure delight the moment my eyes lighted on this darling little white wire ~ thingy! I snatched it up, ran back  around the corner and said, "Mom! What do you see when you look at this?!" And without missing a beat, her reply, "A head form for your baby hats." Well done Mother, well done!

I have been scouring the internet FOREVER looking for something to take blog/etsy pictures of my baby hats on and have never found anything I like at all. I knew in a glance this would do it! So take a look. What do you think?

It really DOES IT FOR ME! Made my whole darn day!The shopowner got a real chuckle out of how tickled pink I was over this fabulous little purchase. Oh! And a fringe benefit ~ it only cost $9.95. Even I can afford that today :)
A person can only take so many flat hat pictures. They just don't show the hat off as nicely usually. So now I can list this sweet ruffled silk hat on my Etsy Shop soon.
Yay for fun vintage finds!!! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flower Garden

So great is my love for flowers, especially roses, that no matter what else I am working on I sometimes have to just create a little bloom in the midst of everything else. When I do this and don't have an actual purpose for the flower I just knit or crocheted I always add it to this wonderful, heavy glass jar that was a gift from a friend years ago. I think it originally had a candle in it. I like it better with my hodge podge flower garden growing inside! 
Just like my little cottage garden outside, this one is forever changing. I am constantly putting in and taking out. It's so nice to have a fresh supply to go to when I need to pluck a flower to embellish a hat or bag or even a tea cozy.
Flowers are just one of those things that keep me inspired.
And like many of you, my pattern source grows continuously. The first place I look to for a pattern for beautiful blooms is one of my favorite books ~
It was a gift from my Dad a couple of years ago. Once again, Thanks Dad!
"Just living is not enough...
One must have sunshine,
freedom and a little flower."
Hans Christian Andersen