Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Tea & Knitting

As always, it's a mad dash to the finish!
My days seem to be filled with constant
Cups of Tea.
The house is finally decorated
and the tree is trimmed.
I have put the finishing touches on one project,
have another half done
and one more to start.
I am trying hard to stay a step ahead of St. Nick.
Next Tuesday Scott & I will celebrate our
 30th  Wedding Anniversary.
We are leaving early Monday morning for a get away to a
Victorian Bed & Breakfast.
We will not be home until Thursday afternoon.
My last little project will travel along with me.
It will take us about 3 hours to get where we are going.
Between the trip there and back I should come home
with all my
Christmas Knitting
finally done.
In the meantime,
may you all make it to your own finish line
{as I know we are all making the same mad dash!},
may you all stay warm and cozy
and most of all
stay full of good cheer
as you enjoy this magical season.
Be Blessed,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A New Little Monkey

Towards the end of May
we will have a new little monkey
in the family.
My sweet daughter Chelsea
is expecting her second baby.
She went shopping yesterday for this adorable outfit.
As it turns out we are going to have a
We are
Big Sister Gabby
{who, as you can see, is Grammy's biggest kitchen helper}
can hardly wait for her
Baby Brother
to enter the world.
She will be 7 just a few weeks before he is born.
They grow up fast, don't they?!
Ahhh...Grandchildren....what a BLESSING.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Crochet Craziness

Hello Friends!
I hope you are all feeling
{from the recent day of feasting}
and full of
Holiday Cheer.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving here.
In the midst of it all I have entered into some kind of
Crochet Craziness!
Just last week I told a friend
"I have decided to give myself a break this Christmas.
I am not making many gifts this year."
somehow just after that I went nuts again!
I have crocheted 11
{that's right ~ I said eleven}
scarves in 9 days time.
My hook is already digging into another one
and there are at least 3 more I purchased new yarn for.
Many of them are infinity scarves.
They are done in
different yarns,
different weights,
different colors...
Two of them, so far, are straight scarves.
Most are for Christmas gifts,
but this one,
plus a couple of the infinity scarves,
are for sale on my
I sure hope there are a lot of lovely ladies
on my Christmas list
who are in need of a new scarf!
Because I seem to have a few on hand :)))
Happy Day to You All!