Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Flurries

I wasn't actually planning on doing a new blog post today {honestly}.
I was going to stick strictly to floating around and visiting all of YOUR blogs,
which I have been enjoying immensely throughout the morning.
But then.....
as I drifted past the window...
much to my sheer delight ~
what did I see?
coming down all around me!
So ~
I put the kettle on for a nice pot of
Cinnamon Tea...
Settled myself by the kitchen window with a scrumptious biscuit covered in jelly...
And, well, here we go!
Just a few days before Christmas I purchased this wonderful book.
Not only is it full of snowflake patterns to crochet,
it has some lovely projects as well.
Upon seeing the gorgeous scarf full of snowy flakes my sister reminded me
 she has a January birthday.
Uh, well...
maybe next January {or next Christmas}.
It's going to take a blizzard to create that baby!
So I started small
with a few colorful flakes.
They were so much fun to crochet!
First they had to be stiffened.
Then they had to be pinned.
And of course, attached to gifts under the tree!
Now ~
as the snow continues to fall
 outside my snug little kitchen
I must get a pot of
Vegetable Soup
on to simmer.
Hope you all have a
New Year's Eve

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas

I have informed my family that although it is now a few days after December 25th  ~
I am
 Celebrating Christmas!
I mean, what about
The 12 Days of Christmas?
They start on December 25th,
which is celebrated as the
Birth of Jesus
and they go until the
which is celebrated on January 6th
as the day when the manifestation of
Christ's Glory
was realized.
Therefore, it's still Christmas to me! :)))
And what a wonderful time we have had.
So  here are a few random pictures to share with you
Scott & I spent Christmas Eve at my sister's house
 where she had every nook & cranny
decked out! 
When Scott & I returned home it was time to give our furry babies their stockings
We had to do this first
because when Hubby tried to give me my stocking
Phoebe {the spotted weenie}
snatched it and ran lickety ~ split into her dog bed with all my goods in tow!
Just like their Mommy, they
Love Christmas!
Then on Christmas Day we had both sides of our family at our house.
What a time we had!
All 18 of us packed in like sardines :)
Plus my 3 dogs, my Mother~in~Law's dog, 1 cat & 3 birds
{starting to sound like a song....}
Our precious Granddaughter
couldn't wait to show us her new doll Annabelle
In a quiet moment I got my daughter & son~in~law
Chelsea & Eric
to pose by the tree
{somehow my other daughter and hubby ~
 Hilary & Brandon ~ escaped me!}
I did manage to capture Scott with my handsome nephews though!
Court, "Uncle" & Brendan
{my sisters boys}
Sophie tried to figure out where all the presents went
 and why she didn't get more...
And after all the
merry madness
of it all......
I settled in for a
Cup of Rose Petal Tea
Compliments of my sweet friend Erin
So ~
I have made a decision
"I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year."
God bless us,
P.S. My sister LOVED the rose scarf that "Sister Claus" made for her.
She squealed with delight and said,
"You made my WHOLE Christmas!"
Well now~
Guess who's Christmas that made.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sister Claus

Several weeks ago, Bridget { a.k.a. "Baby Sister" ~ the only sibling I have} ran across a picture online of something she "just has to have!".  So the next time she was at my house she brought it up, printed it off and begged me to recreate one for her for Christmas.
Mind you, there was no pattern to work with but once you've crocheted a
it's like riding a bike.
You just do it and do it and do it.
Being nearly 10 years older than Bridget, I am prone to spoiling her.
At least when it's within my power to do so.
I could do.
After all ~
What is
for, if not spinning regular wool into
blooming roses
for a
much loved sister?
I hope she likes the way it turned out.
It was so much fun to make.
Merry Christmas Bridget!
{Thankfully she is elbow deep from dawn to dusk right now in cake batter, frosting & sprinkles, as she fills orders for her Cupcake business.  Hopefully she doesn't have time to peek at Big Sisters Blog!}

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Miracle of Christmas

The Season is upon us!
Like everyone else I am in a whirlwind of activity.
{and praying it ALL gets done on time while I fortify myself with plenty of hot tea!}
I have several half finished projects lying about that are not quite ready for a photo shoot as of yet!
But when the hooks & needles are finally out of them and all their nice little ends are neatly tucked in they will be happy to strut their stuff for all of you.
It has been a busy week with other things around here.
My daughter, son~ in~ law, and granddaughter moved into the house 2 doors over on
 Saturday, December 1st.
I consider this the first of my Christmas Miracles for this year! :)))
We have been trying to help her settle in a bit.
Other than that, I have finally decorated the house.
I ususally do this closer to Thanksgiving, but........
some years are just fuller than others.
The Tree just went up yesterday.
Here it is in all its
{I thought if I used the word "frosty" instead of  "blurry" it might seem more magical}
We are still awaiting our first snow of the Season.
Hubby is never quite as thrilled as I am.
But I AM always holding my breath in hopes of a
Of course I do hate all the shoveling he has to do while I stay snuggled inside with a hot cup of cinnamon tea.
Even my weenie dogs love the Christmas Tree.
They lay underneath it until the packages begin to crowd them out.
So here's hoping you are all having the
as you prepare your Households, Families and Hearts for the wild, wonderful, miraculous frenzy of it all.
And that in the midst of everything you find
as we all celebrate
The Birth of Our Savior
The Miracle of Christmas