Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Wonderful Land of Blog

Ummm.....Excuse Me......but What do you think you are doing there Little Mister? Just like a nosy neighbor ~ all up in my business again!

Every time I set this basket of crochet work in the floor and turn my back my 3 1/2 pound chihuahua curls up in it like he belongs there! He seems to know it's a baby blankie in the making. And God knows he's the biggest {okay ~ the tiniest} baby in the house! He can't ever resist something to snuggle in or under, especially if it smells like his mommy {uh ~ that would be Me}. 

Eventually he will have to face the sad fact that I am actually making it for my friend Diane's daughter who is expecting her first baby later this summer. This will be Diane's first time to be Grammy. She's in for some fun stuff! And I will most certainly be washing the finished product up in some baby Dreft before I mail it off to Kentucky! Just because I am ga~ga over this goofy dog doesn't mean I expect everyone else to be the same way. {Shhh!!!....Don't tell my family I said that. They ARE expected to be the same way. Or, at least tolerate my silliness and pretend it's perfectly normal :) }.

Back to the crochet in progress. It's called an Oops~ A ~ Daisy! Blanket and will look like a round doily style flower when finished. The pattern is very easy and fun to work on. Since the wee one is due in August I think the airiness of  it will be perfect.We all like to have something special to cover our new babes with but we don't want to smother them in the heat! Oh ~ and in case you couldn't quess~ IT'S A GIRL!

I hope all of you are healthy and happy and enjoying life as May is about to turn into June. I have been struggling with my RA but am back on medication and slowly getting better. I am able to sit at the computer a little bit at a time again and am looking forward to seeing you all again in the Wonderful Land of Blog! BE BLESSED!