Friday, June 28, 2013

A New View

Remember the birthday package I received from my
Dear Friend Genie
This lovely silk rose was laid on top of all the
tissue wrapped treasures
when I opened the box.
I wanted to show everyone
what fun thing I found to do with it.
While Hubby is on vacation this week and next,
we have lots & lots to do around this
Old House.
A couple of days ago
Sweet Hubby
Wonderful Son~In~Law
tore down an old shed in the backyard
in preparation for a new fence.
They left up the back wall until the fence panels arrive tomorrow.
We have to keep our precious doggies in the yard.
I really should have taken a picture of the whole shed.
It was adorable in its day.
When my daughters were little they used it as a playhouse.
Although Scott {Sweet Hubby}
grew up in the house next door,
he was uncertain when the shed was built.
When they tore up a piece of carpeting someone laid on the concrete
the date surfaced.
July 7, 1962
was scratched into the concrete.
Scott was born in September of 1960.
He has no memory of the shed not being there.
Since it is a part of his childhood history
 both of my daughter's childhood history
I just had to salvage a window.
It found it's new home in my upstairs office
{where I sit and blog with all of you}.
While rummaging in a closet a few days ago,
I found some strips of fabric I had sewn together years ago.
Who knows what I was originally going to do with it!
I was tickled
when I discovered the strip fit perfectly
across the top window pane.
I know the pictures of the window are not ideal
due to the glare on the glass
as I am sure you have all noticed
I am not the world's best photographer!
Hope this gives you an idea of how cute it is.
I just love the new view from this old window :~}

P.S.~ July 7th is a special date to me.
It is my Dear Mother's Birthday.
Happy Day to All of You,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Erin's Place

I popped over to my friend Erin's place
this morning to take a few pictures of
the potholders I recently crocheted for her.
I wanted you to see them in their new home.
And she just lives across the street from me
{how fun is that?!!}.
Even though her birthday is in July
I just couldn't wait.
Once I have a gift finished
I have the hardest time
waiting to give it!
I just LOVE Erin's kitchen!
Rather Anthropology looking,
isn't it?
Her home is serene and charming ~
a real reflection of who she is.
I am very blessed to have Erin and her
sweet little family so close.
God is Good!
Her 3 little misses had something they were itching
to show "Miss Danette" in their backyard
because they knew I would be quite delighted.
A brand new baby bunny born under their swing set!
I told them if they watch out the back window
they should catch sight of Mommy Bunny
around dusk coming for feeding time.
I am still working with my 2 little bunnies.
We are in the process of bottle weaning now.
They should be big enough for release next week :)
They've come a long way!

*Also, I see I have a new follower today*
I really love making new friends!
Happy Day to all of You!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birthday Blessings

This coming Sunday,
June 30th,
I will be 49 and holding!
{Just 1 more year until I become a Vintage Treasure ;-)}
Already I have received a couple
of fun
birthday packages
in the mail.
This sweet gift came from my very
Dear Friend
You should have seen me when it arrived ~
I was like a child on Christmas morning
ripping the box open!
It contained so many wonderful treasures
and even a mini Lalaloopsy doll
for my granddaughter from her darling daughter.
Thanks Girls!
I LOVE it all :)))
And this morning my birthday gift from
My Sweet Hubby
{You should see me when I get a Knit Picks order!}
First I am going to crochet myself
Then I'm going to crochet myself
too darn cute
pullover sweater.
In the meantime
I am crocheting a few potholders for
my precious friend
who has a July birthday.
Every girl needs a cute
Summer Dress.
I just love birthdays!
* A final note *
to my two new followers
You make me
Smile :)))
I look forward to getting to know you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hook Happy

I still can't seem to put my crochet hook down ~
I am
hook happy!
This is just a sneak peek
at my current project.
When it grows up it will be a
baby sweater
for a friend in Kentucky who is awaiting a new granddaughter.
There will be sleeves in the shell pattern
where there are openings.
I finished the
Baby Girl
Ripple Blanket
for my friend Erin a few days ago.
Love the idea of
on the corners.
This was yesterday's project ~
A Coffee Mug Cozy
for my sister's favorite to~go cup.
And speaking of projects,
 this one is still ongoing.
 {who is on top of her sister}
are growing like weeds!
I still bottle feed them every 4 to 5 hours during the day.
Plus they eat tons of
fresh grass
clover flowers
dandelion greens
strawberry leaves
and alfalfa hay
throughout the day.
 They should be ready to wean in about a week :)
I will miss them when they go
but will rejoice in their freedom!
And now I must scoot.
My sister is coming for a crochet lesson this afternoon
{so we can both be a couple of happy hookers!}.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Easy Breezy Days

I just LOVE
I usually spend a heavenly
part of every day
sitting on my
porch swing
with my knitting or crochet work.
{These days I can't seem to put down the crochet  hook~
it may have to be surgically removed!}
I recently crocheted these darling potholders
to hang on the side of my
Vintage China Cabinet.
I used the same yarn I am making the
Baby Girl Blankie
out of
~ Knit Picks Shine Worsted ~
One of my absolute favorite yarns to work with.
It is scrumptiously
And the colors are so pretty!
So if anyone needs me ~
I'll be on the porch swing...
Care to join me?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good Things...

"If man has no tea in him,
he is incapable of understanding
~ Japanese Proverb ~
This Granny Stripe Tea Cozy
is the project I finished up
Knit Night
last night.
Nothing says
cottage charm
quite like a teapot
covered in crocheted Granny stitches
sitting along side a pretty china cup.
The teacup was a recent find at a local thrift shop :)
"Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time
comforts of solitude
the pleasures of company."
~ Author Unknown ~
This is what was served up last night
along with our fiber fun
Chocolate Cake
When it's all said and done ~

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Daisy & Violet

Thought you might all like a little Bunny update ~
Gabby and I have named the babies,
which I am pretty certain are both Girls,
So meet
Daisy has the white streak on her head
{like a tiny white daisy petal}.
She is the better eater and weighs a couple of grams
more than her sister
Violet nurses from the bottle much better.
Daisy goes at it sideways.
But whatever it takes to get the job done!
These pictures were both taken on Wednesday
when they were still a couple doors over at my daughter
Chelsea's house.
I brought them home with me on Thursday.
They eat the best for me so I am the
Bunny Mommy
Plus Chelsea and Eric
both work
and I am a
"stay at home"
{and Grammy!}
I am feeding them a special formula from the bottle
every 4 hours during the day.
Plus I pick greens such as
strawberry leaves and flowers
for them every day.
They are happily munching away :)))
And, thankfully,
so far at least,
still growing and getting spunkier by the day!
Keep your fingers crossed
a prayer on your lips for us!
*Reminder~ my goal here is not to domesticate these precious
wild creatures
but to
rehabilitate them
release them.
They belong out in the fresh air and sunshine,
hopping around in God's creation
where they were intended to be.
Happy, Hoppy Sunday to All of You!
Hugs & Bunny Kisses,

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Babies Galore!

It is Springtime and Babies abound!
My sweet friend Erin, who lives across the street
and is one of my Monday night
Knit Night girls,
is expecting Baby #4 in October :-)
So ~
I started a scrumptiously soft baby blankie.
And while we are in
~ Baby Mode ~
I have to show off my little
Squirrel family.
This is my Mommy Squirrel.
Gabby named her Princess
{what else would a 6 year old name a squirrel?}.
She comes right up to my feet on my front porch 2 to 3 times a day
and takes crackers with peanut butter straight from my hand.
She is the proud Mommy of 3 babies.
They live in the old Maple tree in my front yard.
Even the babies eat from my hand now.
They love graham crackers with chunky peanut butter!
We also have baby bunnies.
Yesterday my 2 weenies
 Phoebe & Sophie
{partners in crime}
found a nest of baby bunnies.
We rescued 2 of them.
My Son~In~Law
Eric is holding them here.
He and my daughter
are bottle feeding them.
Hoping to keep them alive for the next couple of weeks or so
until they are ready to be released.
Aren't they just precious?!
In the meantime
I am working away on a
Baby Girl blankie
Baby Boy blankie...
Miss Erin doesn't know if she is having a
Boy or a Girl.
{so far she keeps coming up Girls}
She likes the surprise at birth.
So I am preparing for either one
{or both!}
But if you can't catch me crocheting......
You'll find me out front ~
feeding my squirrels.