Thursday, January 30, 2014

Upcoming Attractions

Hello My Dear Friends!

I really must apologize for being away from you all for so long.
Time seems to have marched right past me since the onset of the Christmas holidays.
Scott and I took a lovely little trip just after my last post
to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.
Ahhh.......we truly had the best time together :)))

The Illinois Winter weather has been absolutely brutal,
reeking havoc on my bones.
The Enbrel injections are helping me
so much more than any other RA medicine ever has.
{I saw Mrs. Good Doctor yesterday and she is most pleased :)
Of course she did order 5 tubes of blood to be sucked out of me
just to be sure all is well.}
 This severe cold is giving the miracle medicine a real fight!
I stay in, hunkered down in my house
with my furry babies,
my granddaughter coming and going,
my audio books
and my yarnworks.

I have so many things to show you
but just as I decided it is time for me to
make a comeback here,
I can't get a single picture to load.
If it doesn't correct itself soon
I will snatch
Mr. Awesome Son~In~Law
from across the street
to take a look at things.

The Upcoming Attractions include:
*many baby items
*several cabled pieces
*a stack of darling hearts destined for a Valentine garland
{for my even more darling granddaughter}
*some oh~so~sweet cupcakes

So please don't give up on me!
I will be back in full force
In the meantime I will weave my way in and out
of all your lovely blogs to see what I have been missing.
One thing's for certain...
I have missed all of you!

*And Welcome  to my newest follower
{you can find her at Tea Cups and Toadstools by clicking on her name}