Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visions of Pumpkins & A Beautiful Gift

My days are still filled with visions of
All sizes
all shapes
even all colors...
For the first time ever
I put some items in our
Pumpkin Festival
Craft Sale
with the girls from my LYS.
My goods did quite well and I was just
*tickled pink*
{not orange mind you ~ I am still not a lover of orange,
which is why I am attracted to pumpkins in other colors!}

I just love these sweet little
pumpkin egg cozies.
I found the pattern on
I will probably make a few orange or pumpkin colored ones also
I had to start with
flamingo pink :)))

And my other
exciting news ~
My friend Neicee
over at
had a recent
Give Away
I was the
Just look at all this
Yarny  Goodness!
I can accomplish a whole lot with this lovely
treasure trove!
she was sweet enough to include
a bag full of assorted teas.
They are not in the picture
I confess~
I have been drinking them up left and right.
I am a true addict.
It is all very yummy...
yarn ....
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

**Thank you,
thank you,
thank you
My Dear Neicee!**
You sure know how to treat a girl nice :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Harvest of Good Things

Once again it's
here in the
Pumpkin Capital of the World!
Our Pumpkin Festival
started today
and runs through Saturday.
I, of course, look forward mostly
to the
Craft Sale
on the last day :)))
Living here and being surrounded by
pumpkin mania
this time of year
keeps me on the constant lookout
for new pumpkin patterns.
I love this one they gave me at my
I did tweak it a bit here and there {naturally}.
It has been a fun pattern to work with.
Cute, huh?!

And on a personal note~
My Mother~In~Law
is doing better,
due to her age she has some
longstanding health issues
 that will be with her always now.
I still keep a close watch on her,
take her to all doctor appointments
and fill her medication keeper each week.
I am so thankful she lives next door to me.
And I thank each one of you for your kind comments,
It means so much.

Also, I had a new experience today.
For the first time I gave myself an injection.
The doctor put me on Enbrel for my RA.
Rather than going into the office for a weekly injection,
I opted to self inject.
It went quite well.
I feel just fine.
Much better than when I was on Methotrexate {UGH!!!}
So far so good.
I have high hopes for this medication
who knows
maybe next year
will win the Golfing Championship
{maybe I should learn to golf first...}.

And one more thing~
Tomorrow we hit the 2 year mark from Scott's Pancreatic Cancer.
Can I get a good

I pray this finds you all

With Love,