Friday, January 25, 2019

Fresh Friday... Paperless Post

Do you have a favorite tree somewhere in your world?
Do you take time to sit at your window and watch the wildlife
cycle through the seasons in its branches,
 nesting down with their young in the 
freshness of each Spring and growing fat
 off the berries through the cold Winter months?
Do you take time to stand beneath your beautiful tree,
to breathe deeply of the life that surrounds you,
no matter the season...
Do you take time to just be ?
In this world of so much to do and too many places to be 
in the span of just a single day,
I think many of us get to the end of an entire week
wondering two crucial things far too often.
The first thing many of us struggle with is...
Did I accomplish all the things I needed to this week?
The second thing is {or at least it should be} …
Did I have anytime to call my own ?
Because life in general seems to get busier for all of us,
as our families grow and the world beyond us continues to change and expand,
there are new concepts and companies developing
all of the time to help us in our endeavor to accomplish the things 
we need to in a way that satisfies us as individuals,
while fitting as seamlessly as possible into the many 
hectic moments we cram into a mere space of 24 hours. 
The end result gives us more time and space to
 live, love, create, enjoy, dream and enhance ourselves.
One of those companies is Paperless Post.
I cannot tell you how much I love this concept and this particular company!
There are just so many occasions when I want to send a note of some kind
to someone special and it falls through the cracks of my life.
I'm not as diligent about it as I was years ago.
This makes it so much easier for what's in my heart
to be put into words and their product is beautiful!

This is a sample of one of my favorite Valentine's Day cards from their website.
Once you make your selection you choose from a huge array of fonts.
Then you decide what personal message you want displayed.
 There's even a gorgeous assortment of envelopes and
 postage stamps to choose from.
 How fun is that? I mean seriously!

So far with my account I've chosen two cards.
The Thank You card pictured above, 
which I had so much fun personalizing for my parents,
and this darling Just Because card
 that my daughter loved receiving!
After you've designed your card you
 simply send it to the recipient's email
and Voila'
You just brightened somebody's day!
The really awesome thing is this can be done on a much larger scale,
such as when you're planning an event or a wedding.
I know of a bride to be who has decided to go paperless
She currently lives and works full time
 in a different state than her soon to be husband.
Not only will this save them time
 but it will be so much easier 
for them to choose and customize
 beautiful invitations together from long distance.
Another bonus is they will be saving money as well.
She has a guest list of just over 150 people and paperless invitations
 cost less money than the traditional kind do.
Who knows, at the end of her day she just might have time
 to put up her feet and drink a nice cup of tea...
maybe even enjoy the wildlife
 in a tree outside her window
as she dreams of her upcoming wedding day.
And is it stating the obvious to say...
The more we go "paperless",
 the more of those beautiful trees
there will be not only for us,
 but for our future generations.
This just might be my favorite thing 
about the work they do at Paperless Post.
"I am glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness."
Aldo Leopold

*This post is kindly sponsored by Paperless Post.
All sentiments and card selections are my own.


  1. As always, wonderfully written words that resonate deeply-Thanks Danette!
    The Paperless Post looks like a cool, contemporary way to express sentiment-I'll check this out more.

  2. Love reading your posts every week! They are always enjoyable and thought provoking. You are an awesome blessing Danette 😇

    1. Well my goodness! Thank you so much!
      You have no idea how much this BLESSES ME!
      Have a Beautiful weekend,

  3. You know, I never realized that the paperless post had just because cards- I always only thought of it for specific occasions- what a great idea! I'll check them out.

    1. Yes do Julie!
      I love their Just Because cards!
      All of their products are beautiful and it's such a fun thing to do.


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