Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Quest for Inspiration

I went into this weekend knowing that I would spend Saturday morning working on finishing an essay that I needed to write for one of the classes I'm taking this semester. I had already chosen my topic, selected my sources, done the bulk of my research, and handwritten (something I don't typically do) a sketchy rough draft. So, I was prepared
Then Saturday morning arrived and it hit me. I had that deep-down feeling of being restless. I couldn't focus as I sat down shifting papers around and opening tabs on my laptop. I tried various things like moving around the house, letting dogs in and out, applying my make-up, and very nearly overdosing myself on caffeine. It finally occurred to me that I was suffering from that dreaded condition known as writer's block (eek!).
An interesting side note on this is that I worked with several students this past week who told me they were struggling with this same issue. They lacked inspiration, knew what they wanted to say but couldn't put it into words, and so on. I doled out all sorts of little tips and tricks that I use to get myself over the hump. I saw light bulbs come on in their eyes as they happily began jotting notes or rearranging sentences on the computer. All of that went right out the window the moment I sat staring at a blinking cursor on my own computer. 
Usually I press on. However, I decided to do things differently by taking a fresh approach on Saturday. I put that essay on the back burner and looked for something else to inspire my creativity. Snatching up my crochet hooks and a couple of different skeins of alpaca, I relaxed with some crocheting. At first it was difficult to force myself not to obsess over a writing deadline (blah, blah, blah...), and being conscientious about my time, but I began to realize that it was exactly what I needed. 
   Instead of going back to writing, I spent the entire day, which was a rainy one, trailing that crochet work everywhere I went. It traveled from room-to-room with me. When we went on a few errands in the afternoon I snatched it up and kept it running through my fingers, while riding in the passenger seat. As I enjoyed my day of working with luxurious fiber, my mind not only relaxed but it returned to its creative center. Aha! It was a day off and yet it wasn't.  
Today dawned bright, beautiful, clear, and fresh from all of yesterday's rain. My mind had also been cleared, put in order and once again inspired. I arose knowing what direction to take. Not only was I able to tackle that essay, finally wrapping it up, but I awoke to a finished crochet project and another one well on its way. Something valuable was learned yesterday; when my creativity hits a brick wall I need to shift my focus to other things that inspire me. It really is just that simple.
 These are just a few of the things that inspire me:
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • love
  • family
  • reading
  • writing
  • observing nature
  • people
  • animals
What inspires you?
 What helps your creativity flow? 
What causes you to relax?
What keeps you in the pursuit of being you?
"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard."
Anne Sexton


  1. Piękny post! Chyba nam tego czasem trzeba by usiąść w tym biegu życia i dać sobie chwilę na przemyślenia.... .Wsłuchać się i spojrzeć dokoła, ile pięknych rzeczy dzieje się wokół nas. I uśmiechnąć się...tak do siebie:))Pozdrawiam cieplutko Danette, uściski!

    1. Thank you Halina! How right you are, we need to sit in this race of life and soak in as many moments as we can. It all goes by far too quickly, my friend. If we aren't mindful of the small wonders we miss so much beauty. Keep smiling sweet one... I greet you right back with warm hugs!

  2. You did the right thing, just giving your brain a chance to recharge so you could be so much more productive in the end. I think you list is almost exactly what inspires me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes, Meredith, I think you and I are birds of a feather! I hope you and Little Buddy are having fun preparing for Christmas. It's hard to believe that it's right around the corner again.

  3. So true, sometimes we just need to recharge! I find rereading a book I love can really help with that. Sometimes it's hard to find something 'new' that can shift me into a more creative zone, but the comfort of enjoying something I already know I love... that feels like a break.

    1. Isn't that an interesting dynamic, Julie? You hit the nail on the head though, it's a comfort thing. I think we find our inspiration in from different sources depending on what we need at any given time or season of life. That in itself is part of the adventure of being progressively creative.

  4. I think it's wonderful to reconnect with what inspires us. Our spirits need that connection.

    1. They certainly do. We don't do anybody any good, least of all ourselves, when we run on empty.

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