Friday, May 3, 2013

Rosy Tea Cosy

Hello Everyone!
As usual it's been
 coming up roses
 around here once again.
And I love
tea cosies
almost as much as I love
So ~
Rosy Tea Cosy
always makes me squeal with delight :)
One thing I really like about this one
is that it's just as pretty from
the back
as it is from
 the front.
It's even pretty from the side!
And not much is lovelier
or more feminine
than the lacy look
of crocheted shells.
The pattern didn't call for leaves
but I usually like to include them
around my roses
if possible.
And once I sewed the roses on
it just didn't look quite complete
without leaves.
So I used a pattern written and posted by
the lovely
and creative
{thanks for all your wonderful inspiration and pattern sharing!}
I like the sweet, genteel look
it adds to my kitchen china cabinet.
I feel the freshness of
and the hope of
every time I glance at it.
Several days ago
said to
"go have a beautiful day and crochet something fabulous".
Thanks for the inspiration!
Hope you like what I came up with.