Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Just a quick hello to say ~
all my
You all make me
put a
in my step :)))
In short ~
you are just
my cup of tea!
I hope you all have a
Blessed Easter Weekend
filled with the
Joy of our Risen Saviour
the love of

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cotton Candy Coat

My sweet granddaughter
is turning 6 years old the first week of April.
She told her mommy all she wants is an
American Girl Doll.
She chose
because not only does she have a friend with that name,
but this particular doll has
blonde hair & blue eyes...
just like Grammy.
Gabby is brunette with chocolate brown eyes.
I am tickled *pink*
that she wants a doll that looks like me :)
And of course I just have to make her some special clothes for her new doll,
which is tucked safely into hiding
in her mommy's closet
awaiting the Big Day.
I searched
and found this adorable pattern by
Knit N Play for only $2.99.
The pattern is very well written and has great pictures.
The sweater set was quick and easy to knit
Oh So Cute
when finished!
I took these buttons off a favorite dress
I used to wear in my banking days.
Aren't they perfect on this pink sweater?
The pattern comes with directions for two style of hats.
This is the beret.
I have enough yarn left to make the second hat as well
and will probably do so.
After all ~ a girl must have accessory options!
And so you know ~
I had a bit of help along the way.
Phoebe could not resist an upclose look
when Mommy went to the kitchen to brew another cup of tea.
If you look closely you will notice
a couple of stitches slipped off the needle
but as you can see the project survived :)
The weekend was perfect for staying tucked up into the house
with a lovely array of yarn and supplies
{and ~ yes ~ my pet menagerie!}.
Once again we have been hit by more snow.
This is what my
Spring Flowers
look like at the moment.
They are trying hard to be
In the meantime I have more yarn for a new project.
One of my all time favorite yarns ~
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino...
absoulutely divine!
I have just cast on this morning
will give you a peek eventually.
Hint ~
there are more
Have a lovely week,
I will see you all again soon,
With Love
Bunny Kisses,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rose Trellis Scarf

I have crocheted a new scarf for my
Although its made of wool, alpaca and angora
it's very lacy and airy.
I think it's a good year round scarf,
depending on the climate someone lives in.
It's very
all of my favorite things :)
At 72 inches long there is enough length to wrap it anyway you like it.
There's just something so feminine about
soft pink
just barely
off white.
I love the slightly diagonal effect the weight of the roses give the shape.
And, of course, I adore the sheer splendour
of the
So ~
Even though this could be worn all Winter long,
because of the overall
feel of it,
I think it steps nicely into early
I hope your days are filled with
blue skies
thoughts of

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Gentle Art of Stitching

 As lovers of crafting we all have a
*First Love*
That thing that introduced us to this
wonderful world
For me it was
art of
Years ago I spent many a happy hour
threading my needle with
floss and stitching away the cares of the day.
I was recently reminded of this when I cracked open my new book
The Gentle Art of Stitching
Jane Brocket
What a beautiful, superbly written book!
I am currently soaking up every single bit of it.
And it got me to rooting around
 some abandoned shelves in a closet.
Where, lo and behold,
some lovely
pieces have gone forgotten too long.
So I have decided it is time
to return to my first love
and bring these neglected works
into the light of day once more,
where they can bloom and grow.
I have spent part of today
organizing my floss
and locating my hoops.
This is my favorite embroidery hoop.
In order to hold it in place and have both hands free
the flat piece slides under my leg.
My Dear Hubby purchased this for me
several years ago on a weekend getaway.
Isn't it gorgeous?!!
I just LOVE it.
And there's a funny story that goes with it ~
The charming needlework shop was owned by a husband and wife.
It was adorned by by her exceptional needlework.
I stepped in to browse while she was out running an errand.
Her husband sold me this cherished hoop.
She came back as he was wrapping it up for me...
and had a
hissy fit!
This was
her personal
Her husband said,
"But it's the last one in the store...
we'd have to order her one...
and they come from England...
we'll order you a new one."
He had actually taken her half finished work out of it to sell it to me.
I just thought it was like that for display purposes.
I felt so bad...
not so bad I left it behind!
So ~ really ~ it's time I dusted it off,
gathered my other supplies,
and relax with some
This is my little box from so many years ago.
It's so happy to be of use again :)
And, just so you know, I have finished a few pieces over the years.
My favorite tea cozy.
Although I know it makes an occasionl appearance
on my blog,
I couldn't leave it out of the line up here!
I do so love its sweet little details.
When I unearthed this from the closet
I offered it to my sister
who loves blue.
She snapped it right up.
I think she has plans to sew it into a pillow.
has hung in my kitchen for over a decade.
{Notice it has one of my beloved bunnies in it!}
These squares were originally meant for a
Redwork Quilt
which never happened.
Oh well....
maybe some day.
As for my first project
I think I'll get back to the
Lady in Waiting

Monday, March 11, 2013

Vintage Treasure Chest

I have new additions to my
Vintage Treasure Chest
that I thought you might all like a little peek at.
This beautiful
Lily Teacup
was only 69 cents at a local thrift shop.
There was no saucer
but who cares?
I love the gold edging.
And, of course, I had to purchase this
Rose Teacup
Once again no saucer
but also less than a dollar!
This sweet little cup and saucer was a Valentine gift
from my
Dear Sister
I found this cup at a local Antique Mall.
Perfect for a bunch of flowers!
It's a mustache cup.
This beautiful
Hull Vase
was a gift from a close friend.
It had belonged to her Mother~In~Law
who has been moved into a nursing home.
A dear, sweet lady I have known since my early teenage years.
I will treasure it always.
It looks gorgeous on my
Antique Ladies Secretary Desk
in my dining room.
Not to mention I have found a practical use for it
until I have some flowers from my garden.
I love baskets and can never have too many.
I paid $1.00 for this one for my foyer.
I still get mail that trickles in for each of my married daughters.
Now they know to look in the basket when they come to visit.
My sister actually purchased this needlepoint piece for herself.
But I just had to show it to you.
She is going to use it to recover a chair seat.
It came from the same thrift store I found
the two teacups at.
She and I love to treasure hunt together!
All it takes is a little pocket money
a pinch of
I hope everyone's week is getting off to a very
I know mine is! :)))

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bunny Blather

Hello Everyone!
Here I come again with some more
Bunny Blather :)))
I can't seem to help myself...
I am completely obsessed with
these days!
They keep falling off my knitting needles
 by day
running amuck through my dreams
 by night.
As I look around my house
I realize that this is not a new obsession.
I have so many bunnies peeking out from
various nooks and crannies.
I love these snow baby bunnies!
This one is nestled between my favorite mixing bowls.
Here's another one smiling from the mantle in my dining room.
Notice the picture of
My Dear Hubby
Our Precious Granddaughter
And here's a happy little one atop my china cabinet.
Isn't her sweet little backside just darling?!!
She shares space with this lovely porcelain pair.
This fella was a gift several years ago.
He was handmade by the giver.
My favorite kind of gift!
This wee cast iron bunny takes up residence in my foyer
in the Winter months....
but he enjoys the fresh air of  my garden,
at the base of my bird bath,
once Spring arrives.
And for a few more knitting needle delights
Bunny Egg Cozies
Sweet Baby Bunny Hats...
Flaunting fluffy tails!
A few magnets
{the other pretties are old earrings of my Mother~In~Law}
Love this sweet set!
It was a gift from my Mother~In~Law
when I had my first baby nearly 28 years ago.
The bunnies keep reproducing daily around here.
There are several of them hippity~hopping all over my
I really must leave you now....
A little blue bunny awaits his ears
so he can be brought
to life.
Hoppy Weekend to All!