Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

I have decided that this year I will make fingerless mitts for some of the lovely ladies on my Christmas list.
I mean, who doesn't like them?
And they are so fun to make and don't take a lot of yarn.
Also, there are countless patterns to choose from.
So I started with this pretty lacework one using some Knit Picks Gloss Dk I already had in  my stash.
It's really nice to work with and being 70% merino wool and 30% silk it makes beautiful mitts.
My youngest daughter, Chelsea, caught me at this pair and has already spoken for them.
There goes that surprise!
Now you would think the normal thing to do after making the left mitt would be to follow up with the right mitt.
Then I had to pop into the yarn shop for something and this gorgeous wool in variegated shades of rose and greyish lavenders tempted me and I thought ~
"Ooh.... wonder how that same pattern would look in this?!"
So, being *too excited to wait* {euphamism for *completely impatient*},
I immediately started knitting a
Fingerless Mitt!
I was right {uhhh... I mean "correct"}
it IS pretty in this yarn!
The problem however is
Two Lefts Don't Make a Right!
Therefore I had to start another one immediately.
And guess what?
I found ANOTHER yarn I just HAD TO try.....
And a completely different pattern!
Oh My Gosh!
This has gone beyond crazy "blonde moment" type behavior.
This is skirting along the edge of some sort of a malcontent perimenopausal episode at this point!
Well, one thing is for sure~
I know I will be making at least
Fingerless Mitts!
*Special Note*
For anyone interested in the pattern for the black and/or rosy colored mitts go to Ravelry and type in
Shantha Ramachandran
and it will take you straight to it!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hannah's Neckwarmer

Well ~ here it is
I made for my friend's daughter Hannah.
So what do you think?
Not too bad for something that's not my actual "forte".
The big size 17 needles make my hands hurt more than smaller ones do.
But I do love this look!
Of course now my sister wants one too.
And since Christmas is right around the corner
she will be
Oh well....
Sister Claus can probably accomodate her :)
It certainly wasn't hard or time consuming.
 I have knitted some fingerless mitts in between stitches on this just to give my fingers a break from the LARGESS of the thing!
I will be sending this off to Kentucky tomorrow.
Where it is still too warm to wear such a thing
Miss Hannah is
She says all the other nurses she works with at the hospital are going to want one too.
{Let's hope not.}
I still prefer my size 3 needles I am using for fingerless mitts now :)
*By the Way*
I keep trying to respond to the comments left on my last post and I have tried and tried to leave  comments on many of your blogs out there.
I CANNOT get my computer to let me do either thing.
Looks like I need a wonderful Son~In~Law to make a house call again.
And on another personal note ~
I just found out that I am going to be
Gabby, who is 5, will be a BIG SISTER sometime in July.
We are
Be Blessed all of you!
I will comment on your blogs ASAP.
I am watching what you are upto {tee~hee}.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Needle Knitting

Ordinarily Big Needle Knitting is not my forte.
That being said, however, I must say I am rather enjoying the mindless, easy and quick project I am currently working on.
Normally I prefer perfect little stitches made on needles ranging from size 4 to 7.
I knit Continental and am a bit on the loose side so smaller needles are more in my usual realm.
When a sock pattern calls for size 3 needles my mind automatically says,
"Uh~Huh, Right."
And I reach for the same size 1 dpn's I do all my socks on.
But tiny knits are more time consuming and sometimes it is FUN to do something
This is going to be a neckwarmer for my friend Diane's daughter Hannah.
Neither of them is a knitter and she saw one like it and is dying to have one.
So off it will go to Lexington, Kentucky in a few days.
It's just a simple garter stitch that I will put 3 big buttons on when it is done.
I haven't purchased the buttons yet.
I wanted to see it finished first.
Aren't the colors pretty?
Hannah is a natural redhead like my youngest daughter Chelsea, so this should be real pretty on her.
And check out those mondo needles!
Brittany, Size 17.
I ordered them several years ago for.....
who remembers what.
They're beautiful.
But truthfully~
I almost always work with circular needles as well as small ones.
As soon as this job is done I will show you the end result.
Tootles for now.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Miss Phoebe's Cottage Shawl

Yes~ I've wrapped up another Shawl.
I wanted to see this pattern crocheted in a solid color after doing it in a multicolor.
I really like both!
This avocado green is one of my favorite colors.
It seems to be a color that looks good on a lot of people.
And green is always so fresh and soothing to me.
I added a Rose pin in Ivory with a little Pearl in the center as a closure to this one.
I named it "Miss Phoebe's Cottage Shawl"
and listed it on my Etsy Shop
I do like the solid color.
I think I'll make more :) 
It's really quite warm too!
Now my little granddaughter wants a "dark pink one" in her size.
Well..... OKAY!
The name for the shawl?
Phoebe is one of my weenie dogs {tee~hee}.
I have another wrap I make that I call a
Sweet Sophie Shawl.
I don't have any of those in stock right now.
And you guessed it...
Sophie is my other weenie dog :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Boy Blue

The night before last my Mother~In~Law called to ask if I have anything knit up for a baby boy.
She has a shower to go to November 2nd and would like a little handmade gift.
And shame on me...
I really don't make enough
Little Boy Blue stuff.
I guess being a Big Sister to a Girl,
A Girl Mommy
A Girlie~Girl
I always think in
I really do need to make more
So...I got busy making this right away.
I whipped this striped hat up in no time lest I get busy with other things and put it off to the last minute, which would not be a good thing.
You see....
My Mother~In~Law is 86
She lives right next door
And she likes things...
And I have learned a lot over the years about how to "be at peace with all men"
{and a whole lot more about how to be at peace with certain red haired women!}
I knit fast
And she loves me a lot.
But it never hurts to respond to a royal summons as quickly as possible ~
Now does it?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Restful Week

Hello Everybody!
I pray you are all having a
I am a bit under the weather here...
Gabby had, as she calls it "a bit of the sniffles" last week.
Looks like she inadvertantly shared them with Grammy
So I am staying tucked in the house
Sipping Hot Tea
Snuggling Gabby when she is here {and my Doggies!}
And falling behind on Housework!
have managed to get a few new items listed on
 So, all in all, I guess a little down time is not too bad.
And soon I should have a pretty Green Shawl all done up to show you all.
I am trying to stay tuned into your blogs as best I can between naps and stitches!
Be Well All!
And know that when I am silent here
I carry you all in my

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's A Wrap!

Remember the lovely Malabrigo yarn in Deja Vu that I started a shawl in?
Well after a couple of weeks of picking it up and putting it down to do many other things in life,
then purchasing two more hanks of yarn
and winding them...
 FINALLY ~ It's a Wrap!
The pattern calls it a Half Granny Square Shawl.
I have always loved crocheted granny squares.
There's something still kind of hippie~ish about them but I never can resist them!
Like I said before, the colors in this yarn take me back to my little cottage garden.
Love em'.
And what is my next project?
Maybe just ONE MORE of these shawls.
Isn't this a gorgeous GREEN?!
And I DO want to see it worked up in a solid color.
These silly things could become addictive :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Shabby Chic Studio

Last week was a busy and productive one for me. Even though I had a sore, swollen, bruised dog~bitten finger wrapped up and useless, I still managed to transform an upstairs room into a
Shabby Chic Studio
just for me.
So how about a little look around?
My desk no longer has to sit in my dining room.
I found this wicker hamper at the thrift store a couple of years ago.
It provides perfect storage for skeins of yarn.
Hubby is happy ~ it no longer lives in his downstairs office.
I love the curtains that are sprinkled all over with tiny pink roses.
I added a favorite rose covered towel and another tea towel with a hand crocheted lace edging then topped them off with a pretty pink doily.
I tried this picture from every angle at different times of day but the sun shining in made it challenging.
Sitting under the window is a little wooden sewing table I inherited from Scott's Great Aunt years ago. I painted it white a long, long time ago.
Then, of course, I had to add a rose.
I was tickled to find the green rug on sale at KMart a few days ago.
It's a tiny bit darker than the walls.
And this old floor leans more heavily towards the "shabby" side of things than it does the "chic".
So a bit of cover up is a good idea!
This chest of drawers was given to me by an old friend many years ago when she was moving and no longer needed it. Once again, I just had to paint it white and embellish it with roses.
One of my favorite rockers found its way into the corner. Although it's not white, I do love it. It is solid oak and made by the Amish. I did put a nice comfy white rose covered cushion on it at least :)
Since I don't really need to close the door I thought this would be the perfect place to hang this lovely panel of Filet Crochet.
It fits beautifully.
Isn't it gorgeous?
I bought it at a garage sale a few summer's ago for ...
The lady said her Mother ~ In ~ Law made it many years ago and she no longer wanted it.
The dear old lady is long gone.
I cannot imagine letting go of such a treasure.
I bought three of them that day.
All for a dollar a piece.
You know what they say
One Lady's junk is ~
Another Lady's Treasure.
Now I really must get caught up on all of your lovely blogs. So sorry I have been away for so many days. I have missed all of your goings on!