Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Boy Blue

The night before last my Mother~In~Law called to ask if I have anything knit up for a baby boy.
She has a shower to go to November 2nd and would like a little handmade gift.
And shame on me...
I really don't make enough
Little Boy Blue stuff.
I guess being a Big Sister to a Girl,
A Girl Mommy
A Girlie~Girl
I always think in
I really do need to make more
So...I got busy making this right away.
I whipped this striped hat up in no time lest I get busy with other things and put it off to the last minute, which would not be a good thing.
You see....
My Mother~In~Law is 86
She lives right next door
And she likes things...
And I have learned a lot over the years about how to "be at peace with all men"
{and a whole lot more about how to be at peace with certain red haired women!}
I knit fast
And she loves me a lot.
But it never hurts to respond to a royal summons as quickly as possible ~
Now does it?


  1. Ha Ha .. How lucky your mother-in-law is to have such an accommodating daughter-in-law... Of course at 89 they do get a little demanding ( Hee Hee)... and such a beautiful little hat you've made... Thanks for the sweet visit to " The Grand Lady ...Please do stop over often....Hugs

    1. Thanks Zaa~ and I love visiting The Grand Lady! I will stop more often for sure :)
      And I guess when one lives long enough they earn the right to be more demanding, so I go with it ;)

  2. It's adorable Danette! Love the colors you chose!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, gal!

    1. Thanks Becky!
      You have a lovely weekend too. I am still fighting this blasted cold/flu thing. Feeling a bit puny today :(

  3. The hat is adorable! I think I would have gotten right to knitting it, too. I understand the old-school expectations of having something done with no wait involved (something totally lost on a lot of folks these days, especially the hired help in a lot of stores.) lol

    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you! And you are so right! My Mother~In~Law owned a very prominant ladies clothing store here in town when my husband was growing up and, I will say, I believe she knew how to service her customers. People still talk about her and that store. So she deserves some special treatment herself! Plus, she's pretty good to me too :)


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