Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Fling

I keep trying real hard to coax Spring weather
into my little corner of the world.
Everything I make looks like I'm on a 
definite Spring Fling!
When I saw this sweet crocheted amigurumi hat pincushion
in the latest Simply Crochet issue I knew I would have to 
give it a go :-)
Isn't it too darn cute?!!
Even its backside is pretty.
And it's nice for those of us who play with 
yarn because it holds anything
from regular pins and needles
to darning needles.
Of course I have also had my hands in a few 
more Springtime baby hats...
First a Flop Eared Bunny of my own design.
Flaunting a fluffy tail :-)
And a precious wee lamb hat.
I tweaked the original pattern here and there but only a very little.
The pattern was written by 
I actually purchased it from Craftsy.

I have been like a chicken
{notice I didn't say "Spring chicken"}
without a head lately
with so much yarn flying left and right.
I've been working at stocking my Etsy Shop,
taking care of some local orders,
teaching more knitting and crochet lessons 
than I usually do this time of year
getting ready for 
As it turns out 
of my daughters are expecting them!!! 
Woo ~ Hoo !!! :-)))
Also, my sister is going to be Grammy for the first time.
In May I will have a grandson, 
in August my sister will have a grandbaby
in September I will have another grandbaby.
We are still waiting to find out what the other two babes are.
I will get back to you as soon as I know.
After this never ending Winter
it's sure going to be a 
glorious Spring & Summer around here :-)))

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bunnies Make Me Smile

What is it about
Or even just things made to look like bunnies...
with bunny ears
bunny tails.
They're just so 
cotton pickin' cute!
I have been working hard on my Etsy Shop.
Some of the bunnies have hopped on
and a few have already hopped off :-)
Here is a little 
Bunny Parade...

The first 3 are Pocket Bunnies.

The next few are Bunny Egg Cozies.
I did this little fella for myself in a crochet pattern
I had never tried before.
{As I am allergic to chocolate I figured this is a good way to sneak a bit of it in}
While I think he's cute,
I prefer the Debbie Bliss knitted version.
The only thing I change about the pattern is I convert it to 
knitting in the round.
I really don't see any reason to knit them 
flat and seam them
when it's so much quicker and easier
to do them up on double pointed needles.
I hope you have enjoyed this early 
Springtime Parade
The End