Monday, March 10, 2014

Bunnies Make Me Smile

What is it about
Or even just things made to look like bunnies...
with bunny ears
bunny tails.
They're just so 
cotton pickin' cute!
I have been working hard on my Etsy Shop.
Some of the bunnies have hopped on
and a few have already hopped off :-)
Here is a little 
Bunny Parade...

The first 3 are Pocket Bunnies.

The next few are Bunny Egg Cozies.
I did this little fella for myself in a crochet pattern
I had never tried before.
{As I am allergic to chocolate I figured this is a good way to sneak a bit of it in}
While I think he's cute,
I prefer the Debbie Bliss knitted version.
The only thing I change about the pattern is I convert it to 
knitting in the round.
I really don't see any reason to knit them 
flat and seam them
when it's so much quicker and easier
to do them up on double pointed needles.
I hope you have enjoyed this early 
Springtime Parade
The End


  1. Ooh! How sweet!I think I like the big floppy eared bunny best, they all are cute!

  2. O my they are all so cute.. .. adorable.. !!! with love Janice

  3. Well aren't you cute!! I love all the bunnies!!
    xx Shari

  4. The hats are darling! I wish I had a little girl to buy one for! I also love bunnies. :)

  5. How cute! The bunny egg cozies are amazing! I do love bunnies. I want a bunny.

  6. Too cute Danette! Your little bunnies that you make are always wonderful. :)

  7. Urocze, fikuśne zajączki!!! Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  8. I love the Easter Time Season. Such very lovely bunnies.. Hugs Judy

  9. Gorgeous little spring bunnies Danette!...(I love your sweet little ornaments in the pics pretty x)
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  10. Oh dear, can't sleep. just a few hours and I will be up for work. So much better to visit here with you. I love them all but that little bunny tail just made me crack up. My girlfriend, Cheri, just had her first grandbaby girl. She is the mama to 3 boys. Won't that little cap be the best. I'm hopping over to Etsy. Have a blessed day. love you xxxx Genie

  11. A beautiful "collection" of bunnies! :-)
    Bye, bye Elli


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