Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Fling

I keep trying real hard to coax Spring weather
into my little corner of the world.
Everything I make looks like I'm on a 
definite Spring Fling!
When I saw this sweet crocheted amigurumi hat pincushion
in the latest Simply Crochet issue I knew I would have to 
give it a go :-)
Isn't it too darn cute?!!
Even its backside is pretty.
And it's nice for those of us who play with 
yarn because it holds anything
from regular pins and needles
to darning needles.
Of course I have also had my hands in a few 
more Springtime baby hats...
First a Flop Eared Bunny of my own design.
Flaunting a fluffy tail :-)
And a precious wee lamb hat.
I tweaked the original pattern here and there but only a very little.
The pattern was written by 
I actually purchased it from Craftsy.

I have been like a chicken
{notice I didn't say "Spring chicken"}
without a head lately
with so much yarn flying left and right.
I've been working at stocking my Etsy Shop,
taking care of some local orders,
teaching more knitting and crochet lessons 
than I usually do this time of year
getting ready for 
As it turns out 
of my daughters are expecting them!!! 
Woo ~ Hoo !!! :-)))
Also, my sister is going to be Grammy for the first time.
In May I will have a grandson, 
in August my sister will have a grandbaby
in September I will have another grandbaby.
We are still waiting to find out what the other two babes are.
I will get back to you as soon as I know.
After this never ending Winter
it's sure going to be a 
glorious Spring & Summer around here :-)))


  1. More grandbabies! How exciting Danette! Next year they can wear those fabulous bunny hats for Easter. Hugs!

    1. I KNOW Kar!
      Our cup overfloweth here for sure Girlfriend :-)
      We just can't wait!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! :) Love the little hat cushions too, (I've been working on bigger versions to wear too) Great minds think alike!

    1. Thanks Sweet Sarah!
      OOOoooo! Can't wait to see what you are up to!

  3. Danette! You make the cutest little treasures (big ones, too!)

  4. Danette, Oh my, so much to look forward to, so many beautiful baby things to make, stat! Congratulations to you and your family, so many blessings...

  5. The little hats are adorable. Spring is a little slow getting here to Texas. Not one sign of Spring in my yard. I see a few green things trying to pop up but we need more rain.

    1. Thanks Beca!
      I am SO ready for Spring!!!
      We need green and sunshine and warm breezes......
      It'll all come I know.....

  6. I see more yarn flying every which way as you prepare for all those babies!! Congrats on the great news, how fun they will grow up at the same time, with each other.

    1. Yes indeed!
      So much baby stuff around me. Plus so many custom orders and so many private lessons lately. I hardly have time to blog! I am so very out of touch with what all of you are up to these days and I just HATE it!
      We are all excited about these little ones growing up together :-)
      Happy Day to You Dear One,

  7. Hi Danette,
    Love the baby hats, cute ears! I always worry when one
    person tells me they're expecting....suddenly heaps of
    people are expecting!! lol. Great to knit or crochet for
    friends and family though.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. You are so right Anita!!!
      It really must be in the water or the air!
      I sure was surprised when BOTH of my girls came up that way at the same time. One was trying we knew, but the other was pursuing adoption and Voila'!

  8. Darling Danette,

    You make my flutter, not only babies but with your hands of gold. Creating and spreading sunshine. We are in Prescott, AZ far up among the pine trees. Beautiful spring weather. xxxoo

    1. Oh Genie!
      You Sweet Thing!
      You are always so good to/for me :-)))
      Arizona?!! Does the Get Along Gang EVER stay home??!
      I bet you have had a lovely time!
      What took you there?
      Text or call me soon....
      Love You,

  9. The hats are just too cute! Makes me want a little girl to put one on all the more. congratulations to all of you! What a glorious time of year to have such fab news and not to mention the wealth of more grandchildren, I'm so happy for your family. May you always be blessed by Him. Ps. This really is Lori, I'm sure you knew that.


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