Sunday, November 29, 2015

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

I really love it when I get to the 
and realize 
I just made 
LEFT Mitts ...
Thankfully I just recently stocked up
on some Knit Picks goodies
so I can now knit
My Christmas gift from my parents this year
is a Gift Certificate 
for Knit Picks.
When my Dad saw they were having
 last week
he asked if I would like my gift early...
That was a YES!!!
I've been wanting the Rosewood Needles for
both sets
were on sale
so.... :-)))
I have to say
even more than I thought I would!
They are very elegant
and the points are 
The joins on the circular set are easy to tighten and completely smooth.
The straight set is 10 inches {my favorite length for knitting needles}.
Mercedes loves them too.
I can't stop kitting since they arrived.
This is some of my absolute favorite yarn.
Knit Picks City Tweed in Aran/HW.
LOVE it!
Before the yarn and needles arrived though
I did do a bit of
This is a Snowflake Dishcloth.
And I'm trying my hand at 
Tunisian Crochet 
for the first time
I really like it!
While I seem to be on a 
Red & White theme
I have to show you the picture of my
Crabapple Tree
in our 
First Snow
last weekend
This tree is outside my kitchen window.
On the side of my house.
Right where I sit at the table.
I love to watch it as the seasons change.
In the Spring it is covered in beautiful dark pink flowers.
All Winter long the
 blue jays
 will feast off its little red berries.
I like to get a nice cup of hot tea and watch them.

I have a busy week ahead of me though 
getting ready for this at my house...

But there will be time for a sit down at my favorite window
with a steaming cup of tea
from time to time...
After all,
a Girl can't be expected to clean house

I hope you are all staying warm and cozy!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pink Poinsettia Tea Cozy

Remember the yarn I was winding a few days ago?
Well it has been transformed...
It now has the 
lovely pleasure
of being
{a Custom Order on my Etsy Shop}

I used 4 shades of
Cascade 220 Wool.
Soft Pink
 Soft White
Forest Green.

There are 3 large
 Irish Crochet
nestled behind

Some of the petals are solid Pink...
Some are solid White...
Others are the two colors held together
to achieve the look requested by my customer.
Glitzy Gold
that was on the cone shaped spool
added just the right amount of
to the French knots in the center.
All of the flower petals and leaves have been

This is the image the customer sent me
before the whole process started.
she is 
with the end results,
after all is said and done
is what makes 

That's pretty much all I have for now...
I must get ready for a night out.
First to Dinner...
Then the Theater.
Scott and I are taking 8 year old Gabby
~Cinderella ~

{My forever favorite princess!}


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Come Along Inside...

Good Morning to Everyone...
I hope you are all having a lovely week so far.
Mine has been quite nice.
Full of all my favorite things
{oh! And lots & lots of tea drinking in the midst of it all}.
On Sunday we got to spend the afternoon
with the 3 baby boys in the family
My Grandson
Born to my youngest daughter Chelsea 
in May of  2014
My Sister Bridget's Grandson
Born to her youngest son Brendan
in August of 2014
My Grandson
Born to my oldest daughter Hilary
in September of 2014
{shown here on Scott a.k.a. PaPa's lap}
*Note they are both wearing their Chicago Bears shirts :-)
They are all so CUTE when they get together under the same roof!

Although this happened a few weeks ago now...
I have to show my oldest Grandson
going to his first homecoming dance
Isn't he handsome?!
He will be 15 in March.
 I had to include him in the 
Grandson Parade.

Last night our one and only 
had a Fall Program at school.
She's in the Third Grade.
She's pictured here with Chelsea & Eric.
She spent the night with Grammy and PaPa last night
since there was no school today.
I think you can say she was worn out from the festivities...

Monday morning a yarn shipment arrived,
which always makes me like 
a little girl on Christmas morning!
Even when it's to use for a custom order.
Makes no difference...
the Joy is in the 
The wool had to be wound into these pretty little 
Yarn Cakes
I absolutely love this 
Tabletop Amish Style Wooden Yarn Swift
that I purchased back in January 2015
It's beautifully handmade of 
Solid Oak
and has adjustable pegs that move easily
to accommodate hanks of yarn from 36" to 72".
I love the fact that there are 
NO hold clips involved.
It has non-skid pads that don't mark my table and it doesn't move
when in use.
It is smooth sailing!
The best yarn swift, by far, that I've ever had! :-)))
So if you're interested
click on the live link 
to visit the Etsy Shop
where Ken handcrafts and sells these beauties for
Included in the purchase is a 
fabulous fabric bag
for storage,
hand sewn by Ken's wife. 
It's made of beautiful, sturdy fabric.
Be sure to check Ken's Shop out.
He makes other gorgeous handcrafted wood items,
Crochet Hooks

As for what I'm doing with this lovely yarn...
Here's your HINT...
No respectable Teapot should ever be Naked.
{I will show you the finished product soon}

*Favorite Tea Quote*


The Wind in the Willows

"Come along inside...
We'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place."


Thursday, November 5, 2015

I Really Do Love Cables...

As I said in my last post...
I just LOVE Cables...
Can't get enough of them!
So here's a few more of my recent 
Cabled Goodies
for you.
This is my favorite pattern for
It's from this book
It's a quick and easy knit,
which makes it perfect for last minute
gift giving.
These Mitts have been a huge seller
for me at Craft Shows.
I always make them with 
Knit Picks City Tweed Aran/HW Yarn.
It's a fabulous fiber blend of
55% Merino Wool
25% Superfine Alpaca
20% Donegal Tweed
 It's ultra Soft, Cushy and Warm.

And just 
One More Thing
I'll show you in 
Cable Work
The finished product of this...
Shown here on Caroline...
The Sweet daughter of
my Dear Friend 
I really do 
Can't help myself.
"What's currently on my needles?"
You ask.
Another Cable hat, of course ;-)

Hope you are all having a 
Glorious Day!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Knitting & Napping in the Sunshine

Yesterday was a Glorious Day...
A day of Golden Sunshine...
Warm Breezes...
Autumn Leaves...
Fabulous Fall Smells.
{a.k.a. Miss Puddin' Tat}
and I made the most of it...
We sat in our favorite Sunny window
in the kitchen.
While I sipped tea and knitted the afternoon away,
She catnapped and relished in the
Rare Treat
of lying in an open window on a 
November day
in Illinois.
My friend Eugenia
calls her my
Fall Kitty
because of her beautiful
Autumn coloring.
She really is lovely, isn't she?!
When I got up to make another cup of tea
I turned back around to find she had settled into a new 
napping spot.
Excuse ME...
But I think that's MY spot.
She loves to curl up in my favorite 
places throughout the house
the moment I get up.
I nestled her onto my lap
{which is what she's always hoping for in the first place}
and finished my knitting.
A Triple Cable Rolling Brim Hat 
with a cute 
Top Knot.
I just love
Can't get enough of them.

And the great thing about this hat is...
Cable Panel
runs up the back side as well.
My Sister dropped by with her sweet
Grandson Eli
who is 14 months old.
So I got to try the hat on him.
Look at those cheeks!

This darling hat is size 12-18 months.
It's going on my Etsy Shop today.

Happy Day to You All,
Be Blessed