Monday, March 1, 2021

Soothing Sock Knitting

Lately, I have been in the mood to knit socks. They are a small knit that can be picked up and worked on when time allows, or left in the bottom of my knitting bag to quietly await my return. Although I have countless patterns, I felt the desire to try something new and maybe a bit different. I took my time and searched through Ravelry. Then I began the treasure hunt anew on Etsy for just the exact thing. Admittedly, I had no picture in my mind of what I was looking for, just the heartfelt assurance that it would leap out at me when I found it. My hallelujah moment came when I found this beautifully feminine pattern for a pair of slipper socks on Lavender Hill Knits
There's a delicate lavender bud lace pattern that vines up the side and across the top of the foot. The lacework is simple and the pattern is well written with beautiful photos. It's part of the designers Summer in France collection and it's called Lavender Lace Socks. You can see in the first picture they have a sweet picot edging that is added after the slipper sock is completed. The pattern gives instructions to either knit or crochet the edging. Mine is crocheted on. Although I can do either, I much prefer to crochet a picot edging to knitting one because it is much faster to accomplish and the end result looks about the same. 
I must admit, the piece de resistance for me was this gorgeous lacy heel. When I saw the photo depicting it on the Etsy website, I literally sucked in my breath. That's when I knew my search was over. The best part was that when I downloaded the pattern and cast on to knit, this delicious square of lacy heel was the first thing made. The entire pattern is so unique and wonderful to knit. I enjoyed it so much that I am knitting a second pair. This first pair is fitted snuggly to the feet of my eldest daughter, Hilary, who absolutely loves them. The second pair on my needles will warm the feet of my younger daughter, Chelsea. With spring and summer around the corner, these slipper socks will be just the thing for them to pad around the house on their carpeted or hardwood floors. 
Although it may seem like it to those who have never tried it, sock knitting is not a magical bit of hocus-pocus for the advanced knitting elite. If you have wanted to try your hand at it, I recommend this pattern. It can introduce you to a more instant gratification version of a sock we commonly call a "footie", while providing you with some uncomplicated lacework stitches. Each pair takes only a small amount of fingering weight yarn that can be purchased new or rescued from your stash. Mine was happily waiting for just such an occasion. I am knitting them on my favorite double pointed needles from Signature Needle Arts. My preference is for the stiletto tipped needles, which are especially handy for lacework. I typically like the 8-inch option, but they are available in 4, 5, and 6-inch lengths as well. You will, however, need an 8-inch length needle for this project. Regardless of what yarn or needles you choose, you will find that sock knitting is altogether soothing for you as a knitter and the overjoyed recipient of your time and love as well.
                                          "One can never have enough socks." 
                                                               J.K. Rowling