Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dreaming in Color

Snow is beautiful
and I DO love it
I am practically gasping for some 
in  my world,
as I am anxiously awaiting 
So I have grabbed every bit of colorful yarn 
I can get my hands on and crocheted 
some pretty doilies out of  my beautiful new book
Nicki Trench.
They are crocheted using 
dk weight yarn to make them
a bit heavier than a typical doily
{part of the overall charm}.
The pattern name is 
Vintage-style Vase Coaster.
They are so much fun to make!
Playing around with all of the color choices
is absolutely addictive :)))
I went from
Bright & Cheery
 Springtime Soft
Jewel Tone.
I'm loving it!
I always love projects by Nicki Trench!
And one more 
Color Pop
before I say 
to all of you for now
My next post will have bunnies running amuck!
This one will grow up to be 
an Easter gift 
for my sweet little
I will give you the details of where
you can find the pattern 
when I show it all done up
{with a happy little face and backside}.

Have a lovely day!
And sneak in as much
as you possibly can!

With Love,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For the Love of Hearts

Yes ~ I know Valentine's Day is behind us
but I have just a few more hearts
to show you.
{Then I promise to move onto something else in my next post!}
I really do just have a great love for 
The first three are new on my Etsy Shop.
I added some charms and a Swarovski crystal to 
Plus I attached a vintage doily
crocheted by my husband's great aunt in the 1940's.
heart has a little heart and key charm sewn to it,
along with another vintage doily 
crocheted by the same ancestor.
For the 
I crocheted three roses with pearl centers.
{I ran out of Great~Aunt Gladys's doilies}.

I also made two more hearts that were 
Valentine gifts for special friends.
A nice Red one for Krista.
And for Amy...
A pretty Cranberry one.

*Please pray for my sweet friend Amy~
she is battling breast cancer right now.*

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Queen of Hearts

I'm beginning to feel like the
Queen of Hearts.
In the last couple of weeks I have made more
knitted & crocheted hearts
than ever before.
And I have loved 
every single stitch!
I had a little help with this one.
Mercedes jumped into to help when it was time to make the rose :-}
This is my Valentine to my sister.
Bridget loves Valentine's Day.
I found the link to the pattern
on Attic 24.
The sweet little rose is Lucy's pattern for 
May Roses.
You can find it 
Another new pattern I have fallen in love with is this 
Rosy Heart
This crochet pattern can be found at
I am working on a hat for my friend Erin's little girl Eliza.
Miss Eliza and I are good buddies :-)))
She was born one day before my birthday.
This June
she will turn 3
& the next day I will turn 50. 
Friendship is always a matter of the heart;
not bound by age.
I will show you all the hat when I get it done.
It's my current WIP.
Erin and her family live across the street from me.
She has 4 daughters {Eliza is #3}.
For Valentine's Day 
I crocheted each of them a small
heart-shaped washcloth.
I used Queensland BeBe CotSoy for these on a size 6 needle.
They are so soft 
and just the right size for little hands.

I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of a couple of gifts myself.
This darling red crocheted heart was made for me by my dear friend
Mary Anne.
She made one for each of us in our little Monday night knitting group.
Another very dear friend
gave me this fabulous jar with a heart on the front.
I love both of these gifts so much!
{I must confess ~ I bought the mini rose bush while grocery shopping this morning.
 I can never resist them once they hit the market.}

And there's one last heart I have year round that I must show you...
Miss Phoebe
{a.k.a. The Spotted Beast}
has a heart on her side.
She is all heart!

Remember the 
Heart Bunting 
I made for my granddaughter
This is how the conversation went when I gave it to her yesterday...
I said,
"Do you like it?"
"I don't like it
I love it!!!
It's Beautiful!!!"
you can't ask for more than that!

Whatever this magical day holds in store for you,
I wish each & every one of you 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cozy Cables

What would Winter be without some beautiful
Cozy Cables?
My sister loves cabled knits.
She also loves coffee.
So for her recent birthday
I knit up several cabled coffee cozies.
Just a simple cable in dusty teal.
A darling blue in the hugs and kisses pattern.
{Who doesn't love some hugs & kisses, especially for a birthday?}
Since this one closes with buttons instead of a seam,
it can be put around a mug with a handle.
A big, fat, chunky one in dark teal.
I love this one!
And last but not least...
A cute little owl with button eyes.
Isn't he a hoot?!!
She loved them all!
Her real request from me was a grey cable knit hat.
So, of course, I did that too.
She was tickled pink all the way around!

And while I was in cable mode
I whipped up a couple pairs of sweet 
Cabled Booties
Pink for Penelope~
my friend Erin's newest addition
Blue for Parker ~
my future grandson  :)))

I just love cables!

I also just love all of my friends here!!!
to my 2 newest followers~


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Be My Valentine

There is happiness in my
I am just 
tickled pink
with the way the
Valentine Bunting
I made Gabby has turned out :)))
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
In this picture I draped it over
a window I salvaged from an old shed
Scott tore down in our backyard in July.
On Monday I had it hanging over the french doors
leading to my dining room where I spend every
Monday evening
 having the time of my life
with my 
Knit Night Girls :)))
They loved all the happy little hearts!
I attached a pewter stitch marker 
{with hearts on it}
to each end for ease in hanging.
Not only does it slip over a nail
but it gives a bit of weight to each end
in case my daughter wants to simply drape 
it over Gabby's bedroom window
and not use any nails.

The pattern is actually written to be used as individual coasters.
I kept a few out for that purpose as well,

They were addictive to make.
As soon as I finished one 
my crochet hook was digging into another one!

Before long I had quite a collection of hearts :)))
is where you can find the pattern.
Trust me~ 
You'll be 

Guess that's all for today Friends!
{I was planning to wait for Valentine's Day to show you this bunting
but found I couldn't wait another moment :) }
Hope you are all 
all sorts of lovely items today.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Cold Winter's Day

Once again
it is a 
Cold Winter's Day.
There's about a foot of snow on the ground
and the temperature is only 5 degrees.
So I have spent part of the day
sitting in my kitchen,
by a sunny window,
knitting a stack of 
heart shaped cloths
enjoying a supply of new books,
along with a nice pot of tea.

Since my last post
I have made a couple more cupcakes as well.
I gifted them to my 
Monday night
Knit Night Girls
and they loved them!
I am so thankful I have plenty of yarn on hand
and a good supply of patterns.
It sure helps me get through a long Winter.

 on the other hand,
prefers a 
Long Winter's