Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweet Confections

I'm BACK!!! :))))
Mr. Awesome Son~In~Law
knows how important my blog is to me,
therefore he trotted himself
across the street last evening
after I sent an SOS his way.
As I mentioned already,
I have various things to show and tell about
and instead of starting at the beginning
I am starting with my most recent project.
{Then I will back track ~ just have to do things willy~nilly, as usual!}
Really it's just that I am dying
{ least hyperventilating ~ I AM prone to exaggeration}
to show you these 
So here goes....
This is the first one I made.
It is a gift for my sister who just turned 40 this week.
She was in the middle of a move so we are celebrating next week.
Bridget is the crowned Cupcake Queen of our family,
running a home based baking business that specializes in cupcakes.
She will flip over this one!
I gave her this part of her gift on Tuesday, her actual birthday.
It's a Cupcake Cozy
{click on the live link to go to the pattern}
I found on Ravelry.
I decided to stretch it around a vase as I had already made her several cabled cozies
for her coffee cup, which I will show in one of my next posts :)))
She LOVED it!
But back to the little confections,
because as we all know,
just one cupcake is never enough!
After making one for Bridget
I decided they would make lovely Valentine gifts 
for my Monday night Knit Night Girls.
{Shhhh.......don't tell them. I hope none of them are peeking!}
There's a heart shaped glass bead nestled in the center 
of the rose on this one.
Here's one with a pretty blue wrapper and a pearl on top.
They are meant to be pincushions and the wonderful thing about them is
a darning needle will fit in them as well as regular pins and needles.
The pattern can be found 
on Ravelry.
Inserted in the base of each one is a plastic Dole fruit cup.
I used mostly Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn.
Just Yummy!
For more in depth notes on how I made them you can go to my
Ravelry projects page at
They have pretty little bottoms, don't they?!
I am still working on whipping up more of these delightful cuppies....
just 4 isn't enough....
Gabby will need one...
I will need one....
So ....
you know what I am doing on these
  Cold Winter Days
Knitting up a Storm!
{This picture was taken in the parlor of
 the Victorian Mansion in Galena, Illinois
where Scott & I spent our anniversary.}

What are YOU doing on these cold Winter days?

p.s. It's good to be back!


  1. On Danette! Sooo good to "hear" from you! :) I really am loving those cupcakes! What about putting another Dole cup in the top and making a goodie box? :) They are so cute!

    1. Thanks Sweet Sarah! It's sooo good to be here again. It's my happy place :)))
      I love the idea of a goodie box! I will give that some thought.

  2. Simply adorable! What a great gift for your sister.

    1. Thank you Miss Foxxy!
      I am excited to give all of them :)))
      I just love birthday's, and Valentine's Day and all those fun times to offer up a little gift to someone special.

  3. That beautiful cupcake is such a perfect gift for your sister! Very neat. Your friends will be very happy with theirs least I would be! They are so pretty and girlie. Love that heart-shaped bead -- it's a nice touch. Enjoy your cupcake-making! I think I'm going to start a baby dress with some of that new yarn and work on it during the Superbowl.

    1. Thanks! I made 2 more of the darn things yesterday.
      How did your Superbowl work go?
      I finished a cupcake during the game so it was good for me ~ not so much my hubby. He was rooting for the other team :(

  4. Oh love your little cupcakes Danette, must save the pattern for those they are too cute!! I hope you're bearing up ok in your cold Winter, we've been having 40c hot days and a cyclone or two, up in northern Australia, just a normal Summer for us :-) xx

    1. Thanks Jen! And YES get that pattern from Ravelry. They are quick and easy and lots of fun to make. I gave them to my Knit Night Girls last night. They loved them :))) I will give one to my granddaughter on Valentine's Day.
      It is so cold here! We had a couple of inches of snow on the ground then got 7 more inches last Friday and we are expecting anywhere from 6 to 10 inches throughout today and tomorrow! EEK!!!
      Would love to be down under with you! Don't know about the cyclone though....
      Have a lovely day,

  5. Witaj Danette! Tyle pięknych, smacznych muffinek napiekłaś:)))Urocze są!!! Pozdrawiam serdecznie

    1. Thanks for stopping by Halinka :)))
      Have a lovely day!

  6. What precious vakentines. Happy Birthday Bridget...such a baby. Mr. Lee and I are in Seattle. Like a honeymoon, work and pleasure, I am so lucky. Enjoying your eye candy. Much love. genie


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