Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Make A Wish ...

As the heat and hustle of Summer have blossomed into the full bloom of August,
I find myself amazed to be looking back at my sweet friend May,
who was just here only moments ago.
After our eight months of Winter, and my longing for the breezy, sunny,
open windowed days of Springtime, and a long languid Summertime ahead,
it seems that someone hit a fast forward button.
My Summer days have been happy and busy and full...
The house has been filled with family coming and going from one generation to the next and, as always, the beautiful laughter of children dancing off the walls. We've celebrated birthday's galore and rejoiced in the blessings of being together for another year of LIFE.
My sister, Bridget, who's a Cake Artist, made this gorgeous creation for my special day. It was gluten free and filled with organic raspberry preserves between the layers. I love naked cakes, especially if they're dressed in a giant rose somewhere along the way.
And the connecting thread that's always running through the background of my life is my work with fiber. Whether it be knitting, crochet, or both,  as seen on this baby hat, my hands are busy nonstop with needles, hooks and the most sumptuous yarns I can lay hold of. Along with the love of family and friends, it's what keeps me going. Some days it keeps me grounded and others it keeps me soaring. It keeps me dreaming, rising, gentling, pondering, enjoying and even wishing.
I dream of the babies who will one day wear these hats and bonnets that I put love into with each stitch. I breathe a prayer over each one with the finishing touches. A prayer for the baby, the child, the future human she or he will grow into.
Oftentimes I rub some lavender oil into my hands { very well } while I'm working, 
so there's a faint fragrance of this lovely herb infused along with my prayers and well wishes.
Though my knitting is pretty constant these days,
as I am definitely into my extremely busy season,
I still weave it in, out and around the joy of family.
As afternoon just began to slip towards evening yesterday,
I needed a bit of a break and Parker was in want of a walk
to burn off some excess energy.
So I suggested he and Grammy take a stroll around the block.
In the full glory of his four year old energy, he quickly donned his shoes,
grabbed his Jedi Knight Lightsaber and away we went. 
"Grammy, is it OK if I run ahead of you?"'
"Yes, as long as you stay on the sidewalk and STOP when I say."
As we started off he showed the business end of his Lightsaber 
to some ants
while they went about their day on the sidewalk.
Apparently they were living on the dark side of life.
We happened upon something quite magical.
A Dandelion.
"Grammy! GRAMMY!"
"I need to make a wish!!!"
After he made his wish and told me it was for a specific toy,
we walked a little farther and found a few more of these awe inspiring "flowers".
This time...
"Here Grammy, YOU make a wish."
"What did YOU wish for Grammy?"
"I wished that YOU will be Happy  forever."
"Oh I'm gonna be Grammy!"

"Where there is great love,
there are always wishes."
Willa Cather

"Wish on everything.
Pink cars are good, especially old ones.
And stars of course, first stars and shooting stars. 
Planes will do if they are the first light in the sky and look like stars.
Wish in tunnels, holding your breath and lifting your feet off the ground.
Birthday candles."
Baby teeth.
Francesca Lia Block