Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For Baby Catherine

I just finished another
Baby Shell Cardigan.
Remember the red one I crocheted in late Summer?
Here it is again in teal.
With white pearly buttons.
This one is a custom order.
A friend is happily awaiting a new granddaughter.
I little one who will be named after her.
So she ordered a sweater and hat set for
Baby Catherine.
I think this baby bonnet is a perfect match with the sweater,
though the patterns are not created by the same designer.
Something about a sweet little baby head
showing through the back of the bonnet
makes me practically swoon.
We thought teal would be nice
because we are sure she will get
plenty of pink
from others.
And my current project should be done in a jiffy...
another pair of fingerless mitts!
My daughters and sister just love
the darn things.
They like them in any pattern
and any color.
So they make nice Christmas gifts every year.
And one final note~
I have a sick little fella.
Jose' will be 12 in February.
He weighs 3 pounds and is quite fragile.
He has an enlarged heart, inflammatory bowel disease and seizure disorder.
On Sunday night he started having seizures close together.
Usually he will have one and then maybe another one in a couple of weeks.
Then he will go a year or more without any.
So Sunday and Monday were quite alarming.
We saw our vet {who is WONDERFUL}
first thing Monday morning.
It was discovered he is very hypoglycemic.
I was instructed to feed him every hour on Monday until bedtime
to see if raising his blood sugar would stop the seizures.
He is still eating every couple of hours,
and LOVING it I might add.
Mommy is giving him rice and eggs for now.
Way better than that colorless, odorless
tasteless hypoallergenic doggie stuff
he is used to!
He is perking up and has not had a seizure since 8p.m. Monday.
We go to the vet again on Friday
for another little paw prick.
Wish us luck!
And WELCOME to my newest blog follower ~ Pooch.
I look forward to getting to know you here :)))

Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Mitts

Don't you just love
Fingerless Mitts?!
I do!
And I am loving this pattern from
the book
 One - Skein Wonders.
Although they are shown here on my hands,
I actually crocheted this pair for my oldest daughter
I originally bought this skein of sock yarn to knit her a pair of socks.
Somehow that didn't happen...
But when I found this pattern I knew what the yarn was truly for!
Hilary LOVES fingerless mitts.
And the beautiful Fall colors suit her perfectly.
I always enjoy finding new and different things to make
from all the gorgeous sock yarns that are available.
one pair just wasn't enough!
Funny thing is~
this pair's being modeled by Hilary
but it's for sale on my
One of my favorite things about these lovely little mitts is
the pretty scalloped edge that just naturally
happens at the top.
And I have quite a stash of beautiful
hand painted
sock yarns.
{It only takes one skein to make 2 pairs}
As always, I get plenty of help.

who else needs a pair of these?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Finery

As Fall has swooped down on me,
I realize I have fallen behind on blogging.
I have missed you all
and am ready to show you
some of the projects that have kept me away from my computer.
This first one is my favorite go to baby hat.
I have made it so many times over the years
and embellished it with many different flowers.
It's for sale on my Etsy Shop.
This pair was a custom order
 for a couple of baby cousins
born just 2 days apart.
Instead of a crocheted rose I attached
the knitted version with a pearl bead for each center.
And here's something new 
I have fallen in love with!
It looks like an old fashioned
to me.
The pattern can be found
I love the puff stitch in the back.
I confess ~ I've made a few of these...
Finally moving on from baby hats,
I knit up these
Wee Baby Leg Warmers
from 100% Baby Alpaca.
Just scrumptious!

In a few days I will have another
completed baby project to show you.
Here's a little sneak peek.

~And speaking of babies...
here's what 2 of my furry ones like most about
my afternoon knitting time.
They get to cozy up on the couch
while I sit across the room
and work away.
We are all quite happy :)))