Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For Baby Catherine

I just finished another
Baby Shell Cardigan.
Remember the red one I crocheted in late Summer?
Here it is again in teal.
With white pearly buttons.
This one is a custom order.
A friend is happily awaiting a new granddaughter.
I little one who will be named after her.
So she ordered a sweater and hat set for
Baby Catherine.
I think this baby bonnet is a perfect match with the sweater,
though the patterns are not created by the same designer.
Something about a sweet little baby head
showing through the back of the bonnet
makes me practically swoon.
We thought teal would be nice
because we are sure she will get
plenty of pink
from others.
And my current project should be done in a jiffy...
another pair of fingerless mitts!
My daughters and sister just love
the darn things.
They like them in any pattern
and any color.
So they make nice Christmas gifts every year.
And one final note~
I have a sick little fella.
Jose' will be 12 in February.
He weighs 3 pounds and is quite fragile.
He has an enlarged heart, inflammatory bowel disease and seizure disorder.
On Sunday night he started having seizures close together.
Usually he will have one and then maybe another one in a couple of weeks.
Then he will go a year or more without any.
So Sunday and Monday were quite alarming.
We saw our vet {who is WONDERFUL}
first thing Monday morning.
It was discovered he is very hypoglycemic.
I was instructed to feed him every hour on Monday until bedtime
to see if raising his blood sugar would stop the seizures.
He is still eating every couple of hours,
and LOVING it I might add.
Mommy is giving him rice and eggs for now.
Way better than that colorless, odorless
tasteless hypoallergenic doggie stuff
he is used to!
He is perking up and has not had a seizure since 8p.m. Monday.
We go to the vet again on Friday
for another little paw prick.
Wish us luck!
And WELCOME to my newest blog follower ~ Pooch.
I look forward to getting to know you here :)))


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Kids grow up so fast! What an exciting time as you all preparing for another grand baby!

    Jose looks like such a sweet little guy! Hope things get better for him.

    Hugs, Sheila

    1. Hello Sheila!
      We are very excited about this baby. My daughter lost one last December so this one is all the more precious. Jose' is still very sick. He has asthma too and all the seizure activity has given him a bad lung flare. Vet is still hopeful so we keep praying and giving lots of love along with meds.
      Be Blessed Sheila,

  2. Oh Dannette, I was so in love with the cardigan and hat but then got involved with your poor baby and that story. I am sending positive, dog healing thoughts your way. Jose, keep eating and getting better, okay?

    1. Thanks so much Meredith. It means a lot to me. I know you are a dog lover like me with your beautiful boy, Max. Jose' is still not well. He has asthma and a chest x ray yesterday showed his lower bronchial in both longs are inflamed. Most likely due to the stress his system went through with the seizures. He had a steroid shot late yesterday and we are seeing a slight improvement in the breathing. It has been a very hard week around here. The vet will call this morning with blood work results. Keep your positive, healing thoughts flowing our way :)))
      Love to you,

    2. P.S. Vet just called. He has a respiratory infection. Due to aspirating when he vomited early in the week. :(
      So we keep him on antibiotics and pray for the best.

  3. The sweater and bonnet are so pretty. What a wonderful gift for a new baby. I hope Jose feels better soon. Poor little guy. :)

    1. Thank you Kar. I love this sweater and bonnet pattern. They turn out so nice every time. As it turns out, Jose' has a respiratory infection now and has been struggling to breathe. We are treating him with antibiotics and the vet is hopeful he will get better. I thought he was dying night before last. It's been a very stressful week around here my friend.
      You have a lovely weekend,

  4. Ohhh...this blog is very lovely...
    I will follow your blog...
    Please take a look into my world..

    Love from Marijke

    1. Thank you so very much Wateringen! I just love making new friends here :))) I will head straight over to your blog!
      Love to you,

    2. Hello again Marijke!
      I have found your beautiful blog! I love your gorgeous dolls !!! I am now following you as well. I cannot figure out where to leave a comment on your blog. Can you help me out? Your sweet Dream Girl is so precious!

  5. You make the sweetest things. Love the little gift set. Such a pretty color.

    1. Thanks so much Foxxy :)
      I love the color too. Something different is sometimes nice.
      Have a lovely weekend,

  6. Danette,

    Jose is just adorable with his bright eyes. I hope his vet gave him a clean bill of health. What a blessing a baby is, too.

    Been under the weather with our hot and cold days.

    xxxooo genie

    1. Eugenia, My Sweet~
      I have had you on my heart and in my thoughts even more than usual this week. The Holy Spirit has prompted me several times to pray for you. I suspected you have not felt well. The weather has been back and forth here too and I feel it also. Hang in there my friend. Rest as much as you can and take good care of yourself. My prayers are with you every single day.
      Jose' now has a respiratory infection due to aspirating when he vomited early in the week. We are treating him with antibiotics and the vet is giving us hope. We have been to the vet 3 times this week, paw pricks, blood work, meds, chest x ray, shot........ and he's worth every single penny it has cost!
      Love you My Dear!

  7. The baby set is so cute, a lovely change from pink, and it will go beautifully with all the baby colours. I hope Jose is doing much better, it is very hard to deal with, when they become so ill - hugs for you and him.

    1. Thank you Jen. I love this color and this particular yarn. It's Berrocco Vintage Dk. Jose' is still quite sick. He now has a respiratory infection due to aspirating when he vomited early in the week. He is on antibiotics now. Vet gives us hope. We keep loving on him, feeding him on a schedule to keep his glucose up, and praying for him. It IS very hard to see him so sick. We will take those hugs Girl!
      Love to you,

  8. Oh, poor Jose! I'm glad you are giving him the tender loving care he needs.

    1. Thanks Pom Pom!
      He now has pneumonia from aspirating when he vomited Monday. He is not well at all. We are treating him with antibiotics and praying over him. The vet says "he is not out of the woods"... :(((
      Have a lovely weekend,


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