Thursday, June 27, 2019

In the Presence of Angels

Spring seems to have danced right on by. 
I've found myself at the end of June and halfway through my summer classes. 
I have loved being a college student again after all of these years.
 It has certainly kept me occupied.
 Most of my time is spent reading and writing papers.
 Thankfully, those are two of my favorite pursuits.
 Another thing I enjoy immensely is the ballet,
 especially when my granddaughter is performing.
Last weekend Gabby danced in Ballet Under the Stars. 
This was Peoria Ballet's first time to offer this free production
at the Glen Oak Park. 
It was spectacular.
 The first photo shows her dancing a number from the ballet Giselle
The evening was quite warm, 
which caused Gabby's cheeks to take on the same beautiful rosy pink as her tutu.
At one point, I caught Gabby in midair.
 She looks as though she's in flight in this photo. 
That's one of my favorite things about dance.
 I love the way the body moves and sets the spirit within free. 
The expression that is sometimes caught
on a dancer's face in a single moment can
move an audience to great depths of feeling. 
I love it when I see them working the stage with all of their passion. 
The art of dance is really in a world all its own. 
It brings the inner beauty of the dancer's soul 
out for us mere mortals to experience.
At the end of it all, we glide softly back to earth. 
Though particles of the celestial cling to us as we go.
 For no one is ever truly the same after an hour or so 
spent in the presence of angels.

"Dance is another way of putting things. 
If it could be said in words, it would be;
 but outside of words,
outside of painting, outside of sculpture, 
inside the body is an interior landscape 
which is revealed in movement."

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                                All sentiments and selections and events are my own.*


  1. Hi Danette! Your granddaughter is just gorgeous.
    I did not know you were taking classes as I've been absent from blogging and the blog reader for a while. Must read more...
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hi Toni!
      Thank you! Gabby is growing into a beautiful young lady, in every way, almost overnight it seems! We love and enjoy her more than words can say.
      Yes, I'm finishing up an Associate's Degree in Arts with an emphasis on English so I can pursue my BA in English. I'll be 55 on Sunday so it's been baptism by fire my friend. But I'm holding my own and actually loving it!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, Meredith, you are so kind, my friend.

  3. nice article.
    thank you for sharing


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