Monday, October 1, 2012

Shabby Chic Studio

Last week was a busy and productive one for me. Even though I had a sore, swollen, bruised dog~bitten finger wrapped up and useless, I still managed to transform an upstairs room into a
Shabby Chic Studio
just for me.
So how about a little look around?
My desk no longer has to sit in my dining room.
I found this wicker hamper at the thrift store a couple of years ago.
It provides perfect storage for skeins of yarn.
Hubby is happy ~ it no longer lives in his downstairs office.
I love the curtains that are sprinkled all over with tiny pink roses.
I added a favorite rose covered towel and another tea towel with a hand crocheted lace edging then topped them off with a pretty pink doily.
I tried this picture from every angle at different times of day but the sun shining in made it challenging.
Sitting under the window is a little wooden sewing table I inherited from Scott's Great Aunt years ago. I painted it white a long, long time ago.
Then, of course, I had to add a rose.
I was tickled to find the green rug on sale at KMart a few days ago.
It's a tiny bit darker than the walls.
And this old floor leans more heavily towards the "shabby" side of things than it does the "chic".
So a bit of cover up is a good idea!
This chest of drawers was given to me by an old friend many years ago when she was moving and no longer needed it. Once again, I just had to paint it white and embellish it with roses.
One of my favorite rockers found its way into the corner. Although it's not white, I do love it. It is solid oak and made by the Amish. I did put a nice comfy white rose covered cushion on it at least :)
Since I don't really need to close the door I thought this would be the perfect place to hang this lovely panel of Filet Crochet.
It fits beautifully.
Isn't it gorgeous?
I bought it at a garage sale a few summer's ago for ...
The lady said her Mother ~ In ~ Law made it many years ago and she no longer wanted it.
The dear old lady is long gone.
I cannot imagine letting go of such a treasure.
I bought three of them that day.
All for a dollar a piece.
You know what they say
One Lady's junk is ~
Another Lady's Treasure.
Now I really must get caught up on all of your lovely blogs. So sorry I have been away for so many days. I have missed all of your goings on!


  1. What a lovely studio, Danette! You've really done a beautiful job of it! I love all the dishes and baskets and doilies and teapots and especially that gorgeous panel over the door. That was a great idea! I am always amazed to find such beautiful handmade pieces like that so cheaply, too. And it makes me so happy to give them a good caring home. :D

    Several years ago I made that same little crochet shoulder wrap on the mannequin in navy. It tickles me to see that you like a lot of things that I do.

    Have a great evening!

    1. Thanks Ms. Magnolia! I love it when I find these handmade items for such a price. Makes my day :))) I would love to see your little wrap in navy. I have made and sold more of these than I remember over the last several years but never one in navy and navy is one of my favorite colors! Maybe I'll make one for ME in navy ;)

    2. Alrighty, I blogged about my wrap several years ago ... here's the link.

    3. I found it! I is gorgeous in Navy!!! I just might have to do one in this color eventually. Thanks for the link. Yours is lovely. Aren't they fun to make? I found them to be addictive. I love the way the pattern changes with the rows and I love the flowers.

  2. What a great job you did Danette! So peaceful and cozy looking. Enjoy it!!!

    1. Thanks Kar!
      I am enjoying it very much! :)
      And Gabby LOVES it.


    1. Thanks Janice!
      So glad you stopped in :)
      I have waited a lot of years for an extra room. Still missing my girls so this helps to console my mothers heart.
      You have a lovely week as well Dear.

  4. I'm loving the shabby chic touches in your studio and the hamper is such a great find!!

    1. Thanks Abby!
      I am loving a space of my own. It's been a dream for a lot of years.

  5. My kids will have to have the garage sale when I am gone. I can't part with any of the handmade stuff especially if I know who made it. A space of your own congratulations. A bit of a peek at the house next door. Your neighborhood would make my heart sing. I am sure of it.

    1. Hey Genie!
      My kids could have a mondo garage sale when I am gone. Chelsea would want to keep most of it & Hilary would want to sell most of it!
      I am LOVING my own space. Helps to console me over the moving on of my daughters.
      I wish your heart was singing in the house next door to me :)))

  6. What a fantastic place! Everything is so neatly organized. I love all the pink details. And that filet crochet piece is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Olga! I have to say I did think of you and all your lovely crochet work when I hung this filet piece up. I knew you would love it.


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