Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knit Night & A Dog Bite

On Monday night I had just sat down to a lovely cup of hot cinnamon tea with my Knit Night Girls gathered round my dining room table. Carey baked us these divine white rose cupcakes. Aren't they gorgeous?! Well, I had just swallowed the last bite when all kinds of commotion broke loose in the kitchen where my Mom and Scott were finishing up supper.
As Scott was getting up from the table a chicken bone slid right off his plate and faster than greased lightening, Phoebe, one of my weenie dogs snapped it right up! Not being fed table food, she was sure this was manna from Heaven! It was a leg bone. And it was in her throat in an instant. Well, I'm not about to let a dog choke to death. They are my babies. So, I went after it.
And that's where we entered the "dog bite" portion of the night.
Now let me just say this right from the start.
I have 3 dogs.
Not a single one of them would ever bite anyone.
Especially not their beloved Mommy.
Especially not THIS dog.
She is THE MOST gentle dog I have ever had.
She is all HEART
She has no idea she even bit me.
She was gulping and chewing at the same time and before I could get my finger back out, she bit down. No growling or fighting me in that way. She just wanted that chicken bone.
When I pulled my finger out it had 5 punture wounds.
Carey is a nurse practitioner. She helped me clean it and dress it. It didn't need stitches but it is quite swollen, sore and a bit bruised.
I was not able to knit or crochet with the Girls at all since it was my right index finger but we still had a good time once we got through our mini medical emergency.
The chicken Bone?
I got it out~
As far as knitting news goes, I have decided to make a full blown shawl out of the beautiful Deja Vu yarn. I AM going to do a neckwarmer sized one eventually as well, but I want this one to be a shawl for Me really bad!
Thanks for all of your input on the matter.
And I am so sorry I did not respond to each individual comment as I usually do. My darn index finger has been too sore to type!
But I did make the jaunt out to the yarn shop for a couple more skeins so this swelling better go down soon so I can pick my hook back up and get busy.
I can't wait to wrap it around my shoulders :)


  1. So glad to hear about your bite. Poor thing was scared from choking and that you were taking her lovely bone away. :) Take care of the bite and you will be back to normal in no time. Glad to hear you got more yarn to make a shawl. Can't wait to see it!

    1. Just got back from having Mrs.Good Doctor take a look at this dog bitten finger. There are no signs of infection but since I have a compromised immune system she wants me to take a round of antibiotics :(
      I'm going to try to get the puffy thing to crochet at least a few stitches this evening. We'll see!

  2. O.O Well, glory be, what a fright for you and your doggie. Just glad it wasn't worse. At least you have more lovely yarn to comfort yourself with. ;) Have a great evening!

    1. It was rather traumatic. I have never been bitten before. And she was choking. I am glad it is over with. I have to take an antibiotic now but really I think it's fine! And the new yarn is heavenly :))) You have a great evening too!

  3. Danette,
    What a crazy evening for you. I was so enjoying the cupcake photo and wondering how great it must have tasted when I read down to the terror that followed with the chicken bone. Very scary for you and your sweet doggie. Glad you are ok and on the mend.
    Love the colors of the shawl, looks so soft and cozy.

    1. Thanks Karen!
      Phoebe & I are doing fine. I still have a swollen and bruised finger and I wonder if she might have a sore throat ~ who knows, but I was able to hold that finger up and crochet some of that shawl last night anyway! Where there's a will there's a way :)))

  4. You're a hero for saving your dog's life, but of course what else could you do. I hope it's starting to feel better, it will be a story to tell your grandkids one day.

    1. Oh Thanks Jen!
      She means the world to me so like you said what else could I do. My finger will be just fine! She's worth it :)

  5. Nothing stops us crocheting from crocheting! Glad you got the bone out. It reminded me of my first and only dog bite. Our childhood dog, Lady, would bite and my Mom announced one day that if she bit anyone one more time out the door she would go. Well, one day I grabbed a bone away from her and she bit me. When my Mom came home I begged her not to get rid of her because it was my fault. Mom didn't (Lady was her dog) and I still have the scar today on my left thumb. When Hubby and I got our German Shepard years ago my Hubby worked with him so that we could take anything even a bone out of his mouth. Dusty liked me to hold his bone while he chewed it. I'm sure yours wouldn't have bitten you if he wasn't choaking.

    1. That's right! We MUST crochet! :)
      So glad your Mom did NOT get rid of Lady afterall. That would have been traumatic for sure. That is really cool that your Hubby was able to train Dusty so you could even hold his bone while he chewed it! And I am sure Phoebe would never have bitten me on purpose.

  6. I was on pins and needles. You are such a brave mama.
    Now I am speechless as Mr. Lee shares all his favorite dog stories.


    1. OH Thanks Genie!
      We Mama's do what we must to save our babies!
      I would love to hear Mr. Lee's favorite dog stories, since dogs are some of my favorite people :)

  7. Ale historyjka!!!! Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  8. My goodness, what a night! I glad it all worked out in the end except your poor finger. Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery so you can get down to business on that lovely shawl! I LOVE THAT YARN!


    1. Hi Shari!
      Well it's been a week now and my finger is pretty good and I am nearly done with the shawl. I will be showing a post on it sometime this week. Thanks for your well wishes! I am so behind on everyone's blogs. I spent all last week getting my new office in order. I need to get over to your place to see how your daughters big night in her pretty dress went.


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