Saturday, September 15, 2012

Invincible Summer

As Summer fades into Fall, I begin to look in earnest for as many flowers that are still blooming as I can possibly find. There are still a few. Thankfully. I am one of those people who doesn't let go of the Sweet Summertime too easily. While everyone else in the universe gets excited over the coming crispness of Autumn evenings, I am still looking longingly over my shoulder for warm nights on my porchswing. I do get caught up in the holiday spirit in a big way but the day after Christmas {literally~ the DAY AFTER} I am wondering if it's almost May.......
But, anyway, I thought I might show you a bit of what's still in bloom in my tiny, overgrown, somewhat neglected garden. Just a few pictures of some of my favorite things.
A magical Fairy stepping stone. A birthday gift from my Mother a few Summer's ago.
I love the Pink Polka Dot plant cascading behind her.
I love this darling birdhouse that was another birthday gift from my friend Krista several Summer's ago. I get lots of garden finery for my June birthday :)
Those are Peonies behind the fence.
The brick house is my Mother ~ In ~ Law's house next door to me.
It's where Scott grew up.
A beautiful Plumbago bush. Once again, a gift, from my dear friend Diane.
She brought it to me when she visited from Kentucky in the Spring.
Thankfully it blooms and blooms and blooms because the bunnies LOVE the taste of it!
Speaking of Bunnies ~ I love this little cast iron fella. He was ~ yes a one time birthday gift! ~ from my friend Karen.
He guards the birdbath where sprigs of Chocolate Mint meander about.
A sweet couple of lover's nestled between the roses and hollyhock.
A gift from Karen as well.
A beautiful Fleur De Lis grill that was a gift from Krista looks majestic amongst the hostas.
 It has weathered and rusted over the years so nicely!
And one last look at the last Rose of Summer.
She is an Old English variety.
I no longer remember her name.
Her perfume is absolutely divine.
Straight from Heaven.
And, believe it or not, this is one thing I actually bought for myself!
My humble little garden sits just outside my kitchen window.
Every time I gaze at it I feel wrapped in arms of love.
Mother Love.
Girlfriend Love.
The Great, Boundless Love of God.
Though I will miss my Sweet Summertime and my Garden, all it's love and promise lay within in my memory and my heart.
Waiting.....just waiting.... ALWAYS waiting...
"In the depths of Winter
I finally learned
that within me lay an
Albert Camus


  1. I love your last rose! :) We are so hot here so many months, that's why fall is such a sweet time of year for us, plus we love football friday nights, lol. The day after Christmas is filled with pink, birthday cake and little girls laughter for us, (Its Miss A's birthday!) Though I must admit, by the time winter is ready to end, I'm ready for the newness of spring!

    1. We have had a hot, dry summer here and I am ready for a bit of coolness too. But.... I do hate to see true Fall begin usually. I love your day after Christmas! I will think of pink birthday cake and little girls laughter on that day from now on. Sounds magical :)

  2. I love my tiny garden so full of wonder and memories, too.
    Yours is beautiful. How loved you are by all your sweet girlfriends and mama, too. To be so close to family. I can only imagine the girls running next door when they were little. Side note, Mr. Lee's birthday is the day after Christmas.

    All the roses bloom for your birthday.

    xxxooo Genie

    1. I AM so very BLESSED, Genie, that's for sure!
      And yes, the girls literally wore a path from my back door to Grandma Pat's. And Grandma Brenda {my Mom} lives with us. We are rich in Grandma love around here! :)))
      I would love to see your garden too.
      I will remember to wish your Mr. Lee a Happy Birthday the day after Christmas! My favorite cousin {Kathy, who is also one of my knit night girls and more like a sister} was also born the day after Christmas. What a fun time for a birthday.
      But there is a lot to be said for having roses in bloom for every birthday since it is always SUMMERTIME in my heart and soul :)
      Love You Girl!

  3. What a beautiful post! The words, the photos...all wonderful! I love gardens! I used to live in California and everything grew with sweet abandoned! I now live in Virginia where the soil and the pests are enough to kill off much of anything! I miss my roses the most. Your rose pictured in this post is scrumptious. I think I can smell it from here. =) BTW, thank you for your lovely comments over at "my place"...very much appreciated!

    1. Oh Thank You So Much Ms. Petunia! So happy you stopped in for a chat! :) I adore your blog! I will be there frequently.

  4. What a lovely garden, lot's of love in it one can see. We are just coming into our Spring, and then on to our hot Summer in December. We have very mild Winters here, but while I dislike the heat, I can't wait for those Summer nights when Brisbane comes alive and everyone comes out to dine and play and enjoy the warm nights.

    1. Oh how lovely Brisbane sounds! I can barely imagine it. I'm sure you have lots of heat to endure however. But it does sound rather fun and festive. Enjoy your wonderful Spring as it unfolds Jen!

  5. Hi Danette,

    Your garden is so charming, especially those roses! Breathtaking! I hope you will stop by for a visit. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you so much Donna. And I will head right over to your place for a proper visit. Thanks for stopping by mine! :) Hope to see you again. You have a lovely week.


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