Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coming Up Roses

One of the things that matters to us as we nestle in to knit or crochet is what our surroundings look like. Right? Well, my new chair is positioned not in the living room {like one might suspect} but in the dining room. I know ~ seems odd. But, actually, this is probably my favorite room of the house. It's rather ecclectic. So many of my most beloved treasures live in this room that I just love to sit in here and look around sometimes. And now I can rest between stitches and do just that! So here is just a little tour of a few of my favorite things ~

My corner china cabinet. It was my mother's when I was a child. She gave it to me when I was first married and I removed the doors, painted it white and pasted pretty rose wallpaper border to the background.
There are 2 things you can tell about me the minute you enter my home ~
1) I am crazy about ROSES {and PINK}!
2) I am NOT  a "less is more" kinda Girl!

Here's a pretty rose covered clock that helps me keep track of the time {lest I get lost in my knitting and forget ALL else!}
And this is the view above my desk where my laptop sits. Yes ~ even my desk and computer have their home in my dining room! Can you see why I LOVE this room?
Not to mention this is where we gather to eat and laugh and play games as a FAMILY and Monday nights I fill the dining room table with a gaggle of Girls and Yarn for Knit Night!
Who wouldn't love this room?!
Afterall ~ It's coming up roses everywhere I look :)
I am a firm believer in surrounding ourselves in the things that inspire us not only to create, but to relax and enjoy the journey of life with those we love. And to have peace within ourselves.
I wish you all a week filled with great inspiration, deep peace and abiding love.


  1. Oh, my sweet. More is more and I love it. I would feel right at home in your rosy dining room. Love that you have your mother's corner cabinet. I am proud to say my taste hasn't changed since I was 18... xxxoooo

    1. Hey There Girlfriend!
      I wish you WERE in my rosy dining room! How happy that would make me. I owe you a long visit over email. Will do that ASAP. My taste hasn't changed much over the years either. My mother has always said I was born with an old soul!

  2. Everything looks so pretty! Those little yellow plates with the floral centers are calling my name.
    It's very inspiring to be surrounded by the things you love.
    Enjoy your beautiful home.

    1. Thanks Lynne! Those little yellow plates were given to me years ago by my mother~in~law, who is now 86 years old. She lives next door to me. My mother lives with us. We are rich in family. There was once 3 of those plates and are now only 2. She has no idea where they came from. I cherish them. The back says~ Colclough China Made in Longton England Genuine Bone China.
      Have a Glorious Day!

  3. A wonderful motto to live by! I do love that cabinet too! :)

    1. Thanks Sweet Sarah!
      I realized the picture doesn't show the bottom 2 shelves of the cabinet. Maybe I should post that tomorrow! There are more treasures lurking below! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Why Thank You so much Stefanie Dear! :)

  5. What a fabulous collection of teacups and saucers you have! I have a few myself so I reeeeeally enjoyed a chance to admire yours. Roses are the best! The corner cabinet is adorable.
    Have a great week!

    1. Oh Thank You Ms. Magnolia Tea!
      I would love to see your collection. Why don't you show us sometime?
      You have a great week too, Love!


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