Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White China & Pink Roses

"Honor Women!
They entwine and weave Heavenly Roses
in our earthly life."
Johann Schiller

I couldn't resist cutting the last bloom and bud off my rosebush and bringing it into the house this afternoon to enjoy. I think I may even dry it tomorrow.  But it's just too gorgeous in this charming white creamer not to let it live there for at least a day or so. The pink against the milky white is too perfect
The exquisite sugar bowl and creamer were a birthday gift from my sweet friend Amy this Summer. While the smaller cream pitcher was a Christmas gift many years ago from my friend Krista.
Ahhh.....they know me well.

And, actually, that's all I have to say for today.
Truthfully, the quote at the top says it all.
Don't know exactly who this guy was ~
but he sure gets my vote!


  1. That rose does indeed look lovely in that cream jug. I don't blame you for wanting to leave it there a little while :)

    1. Hello Ruby Dear! Just trying to hang on to the last trace of Summer days that are quickly giving way to Autumn here.
      Hope you are Happy & Well :)

  2. Love the little china set Danette. I love solid white pieces. They are so perfect. And your last rose makes it even more wonderful. :)

    1. There's just something so pure about all white pieces. As much as I love floral china, I really like solid white sprinkled in here and there too. And a ROSE always makes everything more wonderful! :)

  3. Been buried under homework. So happy to visit with you. love that rose. Our roses will bloom until December...still deadening. xxxooo Genie


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