Friday, September 21, 2012

A Step Back In Time

I always love the feeling that washes over me the instant I walk into an Antique Shop. It's like taking a step back in  time. My Mother, Sister and I made the rounds yesterday for our weekly outing together. As we were admiring all the lovely handwork and old fine furnishings, Bridget said how much she loves the simplicity of the way the pioneer women lived. I agreed. Then about 30 seconds later I said if they were alive today they would sure set us straight on the meaning of the word "simplicity"!
Now this would have been a modern convenience for a pioneer woman but I sure can't imagine having to cook on it. For one thing, look how low it is. Talk about a back breaker! And I'm just a smidge over 5'3". For someone tall that would be crazy!
But I wouldn't mind having it just for looks :)
This rooster caught my eye because he took me back to my childhood.
My grandparents were chicken farmers.
Lots of happy memories of playing in the sunshine and running through the cornfields with my cousins as we were growing up.
How lovely is this?
My Mother has always had a thing for these.
I love the dresser scarf too.
This chair was gorgeous!
But what did I come home with?
Because you know I had to have some little SOMETHING.....
This charming accent lamp!
Isn't it unusual?
I've never seen one quite like it.
I LOVE vintage lamps.
This one sits very prettily on my dresser.
It has different flowers on each side.
And look at that darling scallop along the top edge.
Yep, I had to have it!
I love to look at old things like this and wonder who owned them before.
Then I think of the years I will enjoy them until I pass them on to one of my daughters or granddaughter.
And honestly, I think they are happy for the time they spend with me :)


  1. It was a wonderful day, I enjoyed it...I love going into a Antique Store as well...It just feels like the days do when Autumn comes...That ole stove when I was about 13 15 I cleaned house for an Old Man who had that exact stove..and he used it every day.. I used to clean it up and admire it so much..the whole house was the way his Mother left it..I would clean and day dream alot...I just love it...I love your new accent lamp..very pretty...thank you for your sweet visits to my place..Have a most lovely day...with love Janice

    1. Oh Janice! I love the story about the Old Man you cleaned for! How fun his house must have been! You have a lovely weekend!

  2. What fun - I clicked on all the photos so I could inspect them closely! Thank you for the tour. The stove is gorgeous. I can't remember ever seeing one that color. It's really beautiful.

    Your lamp is very unique! I've not seen one like it, either. I love that all the flowers are different.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. So glad you got a close up view! I have never seen a stove that color either. It is gorgeous! And isn't that lamp interesting?! I really love it :)
      You have a great weekend also!

  3. Visiting these treasure filled shops is therapy for my mind and heart. Love your new is my favorite color. To have your mother and sister near by what a blessing.


    1. I know what you mean Genie. It's therapy for me to. I love green too! It keeps everything so fresh and alive looking. Plus it always makes me think of my grandmother who loved green so much. Every room in her house was a slightly different shade of soft green. And ~ yes ~ I am VERY BLESSED to have my Mother and Sister with me. They are my best friends. My Mother lives with Scott and me. He's as crazy about her as I am.
      I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday with Lee on your outting together.
      Love to You!

  4. Lubię takie klimaty :))) Ślicznie!!! Serdecznie pozdrawiam

    1. Oh Halinka My Sweet ~ how I wish somebody could translate Polish for me!!!
      I do so love a comment from you :)))


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