Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Gentle Art of Stitching

 As lovers of crafting we all have a
*First Love*
That thing that introduced us to this
wonderful world
For me it was
art of
Years ago I spent many a happy hour
threading my needle with
floss and stitching away the cares of the day.
I was recently reminded of this when I cracked open my new book
The Gentle Art of Stitching
Jane Brocket
What a beautiful, superbly written book!
I am currently soaking up every single bit of it.
And it got me to rooting around
 some abandoned shelves in a closet.
Where, lo and behold,
some lovely
pieces have gone forgotten too long.
So I have decided it is time
to return to my first love
and bring these neglected works
into the light of day once more,
where they can bloom and grow.
I have spent part of today
organizing my floss
and locating my hoops.
This is my favorite embroidery hoop.
In order to hold it in place and have both hands free
the flat piece slides under my leg.
My Dear Hubby purchased this for me
several years ago on a weekend getaway.
Isn't it gorgeous?!!
I just LOVE it.
And there's a funny story that goes with it ~
The charming needlework shop was owned by a husband and wife.
It was adorned by by her exceptional needlework.
I stepped in to browse while she was out running an errand.
Her husband sold me this cherished hoop.
She came back as he was wrapping it up for me...
and had a
hissy fit!
This was
her personal
Her husband said,
"But it's the last one in the store...
we'd have to order her one...
and they come from England...
we'll order you a new one."
He had actually taken her half finished work out of it to sell it to me.
I just thought it was like that for display purposes.
I felt so bad...
not so bad I left it behind!
So ~ really ~ it's time I dusted it off,
gathered my other supplies,
and relax with some
This is my little box from so many years ago.
It's so happy to be of use again :)
And, just so you know, I have finished a few pieces over the years.
My favorite tea cozy.
Although I know it makes an occasionl appearance
on my blog,
I couldn't leave it out of the line up here!
I do so love its sweet little details.
When I unearthed this from the closet
I offered it to my sister
who loves blue.
She snapped it right up.
I think she has plans to sew it into a pillow.
has hung in my kitchen for over a decade.
{Notice it has one of my beloved bunnies in it!}
These squares were originally meant for a
Redwork Quilt
which never happened.
Oh well....
maybe some day.
As for my first project
I think I'll get back to the
Lady in Waiting


  1. I love to stitch,I've also taken up needle and thread again since Christmas. It's so calming :-)

    1. It is very calming. In a different way than knitting and crocheting. You will have to show us some of your needlework :)

  2. I wrote a big reply and then it disappeared! Anyway, I can't wait to see your works! :) I adore the delicacy of stitchery and haven't worked any for years. Can't wait to see yours. :) Have a beautiful day sweet friend!

    1. That's funny Sarah! I have had that happen a few times and it's quite maddening! Stitching is very delicate, isn't it? I love it too. It really is a very gentle art form.
      You have a beautiful day yourself Sweet Sarah!

  3. Danette, you work is beautiful, and I love the story so much. Hugs,

    1. Thanks Meredith!
      I really do feel kind of bad when I think of that poor lady sacrificing her special hoop for me. I actually offered to leave it and wait for one to be shipped to me. But the man insisted I take it. Bet there was quite a to~do between them at home that night!

  4. I have been working off and on since I was in High School (a lifetime ago), on embroidered squares for a beautiful quilt. I thought originally that it would be for my wedding, then, maybe for my daughter's wedding. Now I am sure it will be for my newborn granddaughter's wedding. :-)
    I do know it will be perfectly beautiful when it is finished.

    1. Oh Vickie I love it! And yes ~ it will be quite a treasure when finished ~ a lifetime in the making. Think of how cherished it will be as it is passed down through the family :)

  5. *chuckles*
    That's a great story. I'd have left with the hoop, too.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your embroidery. (Just a bit further south than where I live they pronounce it em-braw-dry. :D

    1. I really did feel funny about taking her hoop!But he insisted! "Embrawdry"! Love it! My Mother~in~law and one of my best friends are from Kentucky. They eat "Paah" instead of pie.
      And while the rest of us are having a good time my friend, who lives in Kentucky once again, is having a "haah tahm" {translation ~ high time}!
      I Love, Love, Love the South and her people :)
      Be Blessed,


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