Monday, March 25, 2013

Cotton Candy Coat

My sweet granddaughter
is turning 6 years old the first week of April.
She told her mommy all she wants is an
American Girl Doll.
She chose
because not only does she have a friend with that name,
but this particular doll has
blonde hair & blue eyes...
just like Grammy.
Gabby is brunette with chocolate brown eyes.
I am tickled *pink*
that she wants a doll that looks like me :)
And of course I just have to make her some special clothes for her new doll,
which is tucked safely into hiding
in her mommy's closet
awaiting the Big Day.
I searched
and found this adorable pattern by
Knit N Play for only $2.99.
The pattern is very well written and has great pictures.
The sweater set was quick and easy to knit
Oh So Cute
when finished!
I took these buttons off a favorite dress
I used to wear in my banking days.
Aren't they perfect on this pink sweater?
The pattern comes with directions for two style of hats.
This is the beret.
I have enough yarn left to make the second hat as well
and will probably do so.
After all ~ a girl must have accessory options!
And so you know ~
I had a bit of help along the way.
Phoebe could not resist an upclose look
when Mommy went to the kitchen to brew another cup of tea.
If you look closely you will notice
a couple of stitches slipped off the needle
but as you can see the project survived :)
The weekend was perfect for staying tucked up into the house
with a lovely array of yarn and supplies
{and ~ yes ~ my pet menagerie!}.
Once again we have been hit by more snow.
This is what my
Spring Flowers
look like at the moment.
They are trying hard to be
In the meantime I have more yarn for a new project.
One of my all time favorite yarns ~
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino...
absoulutely divine!
I have just cast on this morning
will give you a peek eventually.
Hint ~
there are more
Have a lovely week,
I will see you all again soon,
With Love
Bunny Kisses,


  1. Oh Danette...I love it all! Love the sweater, love the little hat, love the yarn...can't wait to see the bunnies, love it, love it, love it!
    Hugs, Shari

    1. Thank you Shari!
      You have a very Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Danette, the little outfit is adorable. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it.
    When I was a little girl, my mom crocheted outfits for my dolls and teddy bears. When I was a bit older I crocheted clothes for them myself. Those are such nice memories.
    Have a nice week!

    1. Hello Olga!
      What precious memories indeed!
      I just love the way our handwork connects us to the women who went before us.
      Happy Easter!

  3. How sweet she wants a doll just like you, and you are so wonderful to make that gorgeous sweater. Hope the snow melts soon,

    1. Yes ~ it tickles me pink that she wants a doll that looks like Grammy!
      The snow is melting somewhat.
      I am so ready for warm weather!
      Happy Easter!

  4. What an adorable sweater for your granddaughters doll. I love the color, and those buttons really finish it off beautifully.

    Our daffodils have come and gone, but winter is still blowing cold winds and snow flurries today.
    Hang in there - spring is on the way. :)

    1. Hello Ms Magnolia Tea!
      Thanks! I like the buttons too.
      I am still waiting for the flowers to bloom and Spring to spring!
      Happy Easter!

  5. What a wonderful gift. I love making stuff for american girl dolls..Shhhh I have one of my own!

    1. I love it Neicee!
      The first thing out of my mouth when the doll arrived and my daughter brought it over to show me was "It's so beautiful I want one too!"
      I will be making more for this doll I am sure!
      Happy Easter!

  6. Danette,
    I love this little pink sweater and cap set. They are so adorable and the buttons really make the sweater special. Such an awesome gift. Love the pic with your puppy, too funny. Have fun with your new yarn, can't wait to see what is on the needles...

    1. Thank you Karen!
      Phoebe is our most comical dog!
      Happy Easter!


  7. Darling Danette,
    What a precious and beautiful Grammy you are. You know I had to have my own grandchildren. Those older boys are going to keep me waiting.

    Miss Holly turned 6 at the end of February.

    Love love the ensemble...what a lucky baby doll. Genie

    xxoo Genie

    1. Hello Genie My Dear!
      You're too funny!
      Lucky you! You got to have big kids and little kids!!!
      Happy Birthday to Miss Holly from me!
      Isn't 6 a gloriuos age?!!
      Happy Easter to You and Mr.Lee and the kiddos!
      Love You,

  8. The little sweater and hat are so cute!
    So glad I found you. I'm a granny, knitter, and tea drinker too!
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Hello Anne!
      Thank you for visiting and your kind words. I think we have a lot in common!
      I have just become your newest follower :)))
      Happy Easter!


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