Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Babies Galore!

It is Springtime and Babies abound!
My sweet friend Erin, who lives across the street
and is one of my Monday night
Knit Night girls,
is expecting Baby #4 in October :-)
So ~
I started a scrumptiously soft baby blankie.
And while we are in
~ Baby Mode ~
I have to show off my little
Squirrel family.
This is my Mommy Squirrel.
Gabby named her Princess
{what else would a 6 year old name a squirrel?}.
She comes right up to my feet on my front porch 2 to 3 times a day
and takes crackers with peanut butter straight from my hand.
She is the proud Mommy of 3 babies.
They live in the old Maple tree in my front yard.
Even the babies eat from my hand now.
They love graham crackers with chunky peanut butter!
We also have baby bunnies.
Yesterday my 2 weenies
 Phoebe & Sophie
{partners in crime}
found a nest of baby bunnies.
We rescued 2 of them.
My Son~In~Law
Eric is holding them here.
He and my daughter
are bottle feeding them.
Hoping to keep them alive for the next couple of weeks or so
until they are ready to be released.
Aren't they just precious?!
In the meantime
I am working away on a
Baby Girl blankie
Baby Boy blankie...
Miss Erin doesn't know if she is having a
Boy or a Girl.
{so far she keeps coming up Girls}
She likes the surprise at birth.
So I am preparing for either one
{or both!}
But if you can't catch me crocheting......
You'll find me out front ~
feeding my squirrels.


  1. Awe love the bunnies..Cannot do wrong with a ripple blanket. That is my old stand by for everything. They are gorgeous

    1. Bunnies are surviving so far. We are on day 3 of them sucking kitten formula from a bottle. If we can make it a couple more weeks we will take them to the park and release them. And I love ripples! When I learned to crochet ate age 18 my very first project was a ripple baby blankie!
      Be Happy and Well Dear,

    2. Hi Danette, have just come across your site via Mary Janes Tea room, thought I would say hello. Last year I was kept busy baby knitting for the team I'm in at work there was 4 new borns, I knitted booties for each one plus a couple of blankets for close friends who had new borns. Thought it would be quieter this year but wrong busy knitting baby items presently knitting 3 pairs of booties plus baby jacket and hope to knit a teddy to send to a friends new born as a gift in Tiwian. Love your site.

    3. Hello and Welcome!
      There never seems to be enough time to keep all the babies around us wrapped in knitted items does there?!
      So happy you visited with me and thanks for "loving my site" :)))
      Happy Days to You,

  2. What a sweet gift for your neighbor. She will love either one. :)

    1. I could not help myself ~ when she came for Knit Night on Monday I went ahead and showed them to her. Sometimes it's fun to have the anticipation of a gift you know is coming :)
      Hope you are well Dear Friend. I have to catch up againg in Blogland!
      Blessings being sent your way,

  3. I love the ripples! Great colors. Those bunnies are so precious!

    1. Thanks Lynne!
      Ripples are just sometimes the right choice ~ old fashioned and colorful :)
      The baby bunnies are sucking down kitten formula from a bottle. We are on day #3 and hoping they make it a couple more weeks. Then we will release them at a park.
      Blessings Dear,

  4. Ripple blankets are always a good choice to make. They're a timeless classic but can also be bang on trend by choosing this season's colours.

    Oh and those teeny rabbits are just so cute. Hoping that they make it.

    1. I do love ripple blankies. They are definitely a timeless classic and that's what a lot of the new Mommies in these parts are into these days.
      My furry babies are all alive and well ~ so far so good. I feed bunnies with a bottle every 4 hours and gather greens from the yard :)
      Love to you!
      I tried to comment on your blog and cannot figure out why but it won't let me. Help!

  5. A most lovely post.. I loved it. It made me laugh... I think it's great you have have a squirrel family with babies how sweet. I can't believe they are eating out your hand..sweet.. we have one who walks around on the lines out side.. and o the bunnies they are adorable..I wish them well... blankies that what we call them too.. Happy Thursday with love Janice

    1. Hi Janice!
      I love all my little critters and so far so good with the baby bunnies. Keeping my fingers crossed and reading everything I can on how to care for them. Feeding them from a bottle every 4 hours during the day. Plus gathering clovers and such from the yard. They are growing!
      Happy Sunday Dear,

  6. Hi Danette,
    The squirrels and bunnies are adorable! What a blessing for those little guys to have you for a neighbor. Your blankets are so sweet...that neighbor is also blessed!

    1. Hello there Jane!
      Thanks so much!
      I am the Blessed one :)))
      I just love all babies.

  7. Oh my my darling Danette, You do have the animal whisper. What a beautiful street you live on. It's all springy and green. Makes my heart soar.

    xxxooo Genie

    1. Oh thank you Genie ~ I take that as a great compliment! I do love all God's creatures...
      And the street I live on :)))
      Come live on it with me!

  8. Hi Danette,
    The baby explosion must be happening all over the world. In our parts the same thing has happened and I'm knitting like a mad woman!! lol. Love your furry friends.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Hello Anita!
      I guess love is in the air! Ha! I am a sucker for babies ~ even ones who come with their own fur! :)
      Thanks so much for visiting with me!


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