Thursday, April 7, 2016

Treasures on Earth and in Heaven

About a month ago I was sent on an errand for my elderly Mother-in-law.
She was in search of a new chair.
Her first mistake was sending me into one of my favorite places,
 just down the street from my house
First Dibs
where an entire treasure trove of upscale second hand furniture and various household items
 are just longing to come home with 
The moment I entered the store this Beauty called out to the Soul of this 
tea drinker
It wanted so very badly to live the rest of it's beautiful life with Me that I could not tell it NO...
And So...
We now have a beautiful relationship.
I just LOVE finds like this.
I believe it's from the 1950's.
Absolutely perfect condition.
Beautiful soft aqua/teal color with raised swirls of another color that's hard to peg.
Kind of lilac blue... almost pale periwinkle.
And it's low to the ground, which is lovely for me because I am only 5'3".
It fits me like it was MADE for me...
Like it has spent it's entire life waiting for me.
I love Vintage and Antique items.
They draw me in with the promise of stories they hold.
The lives they've passed in and out of.
The homes they've graced; the laughter and tears they've heard and even caught.
I'm more at ease in something old than I am in something new.
I think it's because there were other lives, other souls there before me.
I feel more settled, warmer, somehow comforted.
Apparently I am not the only one who feels the pull.
Every time I get up I come back to find Mercedes snuggled into this chair.
She has very quickly claimed it as her new napping spot.
I find her in it throughout the day and, of course,
 the moment I settle into it with my handwork she joins me.
The size of  the chair is also perfect for children.
The first time Archer, my sweet little grandson, discovered my new friend
it was like a welcome invitation to him.
He wandered off into the next room and gathered some of the books I keep here and nestled himself 
right into the lap of that comfy old chair and let himself feel that warm hugging sensation. 
My granddaughter, Gabby, has always been drawn to Vintage and Antique things...
 she feels that pull too.
Maybe Archer will be the same way.
I think it's born in some of us.
My Mother has always told me I was 
"Born with an Old Soul".
Maybe I have a couple of grandchildren with the same inward design.
The same love of history and things that out live us and go on to touch the lives of others.
For whatever reason
I find peace and beauty and great comfort in these things.
I like knowing that other people have lovingly used things I now treasure and that 
someday, if I take great care,
another soul will take delight in the things I call my treasures now.

I would like to say that I don't mean to come across materialistic.
My real treasures are the sweet little ones who sit in my chair
{even the furry ones napping there}.
And the family and friends God has so richly blessed me with.
I am just a person who truly 
History and Old things.
And when I stumble across such a perfect fit like this chair,
I see it as a Gift straight from the Hand of God.
I believe wholeheartedly that He intends for us to enjoy and treasure things 
that He knows delight us in this life while we are here.
Things we love and need.
I have 2 Rheumatoid Diseases,
which I give myself a weekly injection for.
Sitting comfortably is always very challenging for me.
Chair shopping for me is like Goldilocks trying out the beds... only worse.
When I do find the EXACT right thing it is always something old... never new.
I did not find a chair for my Mother-in-law that day.
As it turned out, that wasn't what God had in mind at all.

"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
 where neither moth nor rust destroys,
 and where thieves do not break in or steal; 
for where your treasure is,
 there your heart will be also."
Matthew 6:20,21

Where is your favorite place to sit and do your most beloved things?
I would really love to hear about it and all the things you do there.

With Love,


  1. Oh Danette, what a lovely chair! It's a treasure, indeed, and perfect for needlearts. I love a chair where my feet don't dangle over the floor, too. I'm not tall, either.
    Furnishings from the 50s are beautiful and just my style, too. Before I got married, when we moved to a new house and my parents bought modern, straight-lined furniture, I was crushed. Even the dining room went modern. Yuck.
    Enjoy your new seating. :)

    1. Thanks Toni. I just have never been able to like modern furnishings... YUCK indeed. I am truly enjoying this chair :-)

  2. Enjoy that beauty of a chair. Design like it has can not be beat. It's beyond comfy. Maybe one day I will run into one similar to add to my house for me to create in. : )

    1. I hope you do Kar!!!
      They just don't make furniture as beautiful as they once did, in my opinion. Plus it is far more comfy to MY body that all of today's marshmallow-y overstuffed stuff that I sink down into and can't get out of!


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