Friday, April 29, 2016

South Bay Shawlette

Because I seem to be in the mood to crochet these days...
I can't get enough of shawls...
here's one more.
This is the
that I just had to make.
It's just lovely and so versatile.
I can see why so many of you are making it yourself.
are the two who inspired me.
Thanks Girls!
I'm in LOVE.
For this first one I used Berroco Vintage in a DK weight.
{Notice I said "first one"... I just might be working on a second one ...}
The gorgeous Dusty Teal really makes me happy.
You can find the pattern on
If you love to crochet shawls,
this one is a

I have a new
I would like to invite
all of you to visit.

"There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physical together and is often more profound."
Diana Cortes


  1. It's beautiful! I love the color too. How many skeins did you use ?(I have some of that vintage dk)
    Would you believe I'm thinking of making another one?

    1. Thanks Lynne! It took a skein and a half. I just decided to purchase my blog domain and....UGH!!! ALL of my followers AND ALL of the blogs I follow have disappeared on me... I hardly know where to begin!
      So if you follow me, can you RE follow me now with my new address...

  2. Hi Danette! I have this blog domain on my blog roll and it clicks me to you. I think your gadget will come back. If friends click on your name when you leave them a comment, they can click over to Rose Petal Tea and find you. I really don't "get" the followers thing. I have never understood how it works or why it's important. Silly me.

    1. Oh WONDERFUL! As long as you can still find me then I am SO HAPPY!!! Thank you so much Miss Pom Pom, you have helped me tremendously. And maybe within 24 hours it will right itself... At first my blog roll disappeared as well but I was able to recover that pretty quickly.

  3. I love the color that you used with this one. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. Thanks Kar! I just Love this color lately... Can't seem to get enough of it. Even my new prescription glasses are this color! Our weekend is going very well. The Ballet was beautiful!

  4. Hey Danette. I see the blog has had a spring makeover:) The corner flowers at the top look fab. As does this shawl. Teal is such a versatile colour and I have a soft spot for all in the family of blues and greys and greens.
    Enjoy a splendid Sunday with your loved ones.

    1. Hello Arti ~
      I am so happy you like my new blog look! I decided it was time for a change. As for the shawl, I can't get enough of these colors myself. Soothing... they are so soothing to me.
      You enjoy your loved ones as well. I believe it may be into the new week for you already???

  5. Danette, thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me about your shawl. I jsut updated my post to include you. I had it down in my notes for this post but somehow omitted it. You are the best!

    I love yours!

    1. Oh how sweet of you to include me Meredith! I didn't even mean for you to do that! I just wanted you to know that you inspired me! And that I love this pattern too! Thanks for stopping my way and hugs back to you!


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