Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pretty Puffy Hat

Back in the Winter I crocheted a couple of hats that I really love.
While scrolling through my pictures,
 I realized I never posted them to my blog.
The pattern is just so cute that I hate for you to miss out
 in case you want to make some yourself.
You can find it on an Etsy Shop called
 Mon Petit Violin Patterns.
It's the 
My youngest daughter,
 is modeling the Green one for me.
It's  for sale on my Etsy Shop.
the designer,
 gives permission for those who purchase her patterns
to sell the finished product.
I also made one in charcoal Grey for my sister,

 who loves to wear hats.
It was part of her birthday gift from me in January 
and one of the very first things I crocheted with my
which I honestly don't know how I ever lived without.
My love affair with these is going strong...
The way this hat circles around in little puffs
 is what really does it for me.
This is Me wearing Bridget's
 because I had someone snap a picture before I wrapped it up.
 I knew once the birthday party started
 there would be too much commotion
 to try to get a picture of her sitting still in it. 
She really was so happy with it though.
It doesn't seem to matter how many
  grey hats
 I knit or crochet for her,
she is always thrilled.

Both of these hats were crocheted using 
70% Merino Wool
 30% Silk
Green ~ Clover
Grey ~ Hawk
If you want to use this yarn to make this hat
 you will need to purchase 2 balls.
This is a lovely fiber blend for this particular hat,
as it is soft and silky
 with just the right amount of drape and a slight sheen to it.
It makes beautiful knitted and crocheted shawls as well.
And speaking of shawls...
I must get back to the one I'm currently working on.
Hopefully there will be pictures of it before much longer.

Many Blessings to You All,


  1. They both turned out really great!

    1. Thank you Kar. It's one of those fun and satisfying patterns to make and coupled with that particular yarn it's so relaxing and satisfying.

  2. Witaj Danette! Piękna, twarzowa czapka:))) Pozdrawiam sedecznie

    1. Hello My Friend Halinka!
      Thank you for your sweet words, as always...
      I love it when you pop in to see me :-)))

  3. These hats are adorable on both of you! Just enough slouch and a nice textured stitch.

    1. Thank you Lynne. Those are the exact things I love about this hat pattern. Just enough slouch without too much and the texture...!


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