Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vacation... You're Kidding Me, Right?!

The last couple weeks have been spent in a fluffy flurry
of bunny making busyness around here.

Scott was on vacation last week, 
which means he didn't go to work
but I continued to knit and knit and knit 
and when I wasn't knitting ...
I was crocheting...
Because in the midst of my bunny making madness
I had a custom order for these.
They're Vintage Dress Potholders
that I crocheted large enough to be used as placemats or trivets
as the customer requested.
I actually had one already on my Esty Shop
in Raspberry Pink & Ivory, that she purchased.
She wanted three more.
They were so much fun to make!

But getting back to those bunnies...
I have another customer in Chicago who orders things from time to time.
Last year her first grandchild was four months old at Easter time.
So she ordered a Flop Ear Bunny Hat.
This year she contacted me again.
Her daughter, once again, is in need of ... not one but TWO 
Flop Ear Bunny Hats
She has a set of Twin Girls who, once again, are four months old at
 Easter time.
Can you even imagine?!
It would be like having three little triplet girls really.
God Bless that Mommy... and Daddy... and whoever else helps that household out!
These hats are made from Knit Picks Organic Cotton, which I absolutely LOVE.
This particular customer loves this organic cotton as well.
Last year I made hats, bibs, shoes... all sorts of baby goodies for her,
 using this same fiber.
If you've never used it, you have to give it a try.
It' so soft and has great yardage and, of course, has never been dyed or processed in any way,
 making it perfect for delicate baby skin or anyone with sensitivities.
There is, however, some slight shrinkage that you have to factor in when you are working with it.

And with all that being said...
Once more ...
I am back to MORE bunnies...
I still have one more bunny to make in time for Easter.
Remember the bunnies I started making for my grandchildren?
Well I got two finished then had to set them aside to fill orders,
plus I've been quite busy teaching private crochet lessons the last few weeks.
{not that I'm complaining about the work :-))) }

I have another whole bunny to make.
This is what it looks like this very moment...

This is what it has to look like by the time I go to bed 
Saturday night.
I have a ways to go.
So you know what I will be doing.
If I don't check back in here until next week, 
I wish you all 
Happy Easter

With Love


  1. Busy lady... Happy spring with love Janice

    1. Happy Spring to you to Janice!... We're all busy, in one way or another, aren't we?!
      Love to you,

  2. Oh lucky lucky babies. Happy Easter.

  3. I love the bunnies! Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Meryl!
      I have a Facebook page now... personal AND business... you'll have to check me out :-)))
      Happy Spring to you!


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