Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Bunny for Gabriella

I finally finished the bunny for my granddaughter
Of our four grandchildren, 
she is the only girl.
Therefore I wanted a nice feminine
bunny for her.
The yarn I used can be purchased at Hobby Lobby...
Yarn Bee
Andes Alpaca
I held it double stranded on size 7 needles throughout so it would be nice and tight and there would be no stuffing playing peek-a-boo.
Wanting just an extra bit of foo~foo,
I crocheted a tiny rose using embroidery floss.
For an added touch of charm I dug around in my button and bead stash and came up with these 
heart shaped hematite beads for her eyes.
And of course she needed a soft pink embroidered nose.
The rose covered ribbon was discovered on my recent trip to Hobby Lobby as well.
Much to my delight all of their ribbon was on sale...
50% off.
You know I did a tiny bit of restocking the stash on this one.
She also has a fluffy tail to show off her cute little backside.

Gabby will turn 9 in early April.
She has taken tremendous interest in every stitch I've made all of her life.
By the time she was 6 months old I had her on my lap,
chubby hands and fingers wrapped around my
knitting needles
crochet hook,
feeling the yarn,
 so she would develop a natural love for it.
We are slowly, but surely working on her simple crochet skills.
Eventually we will add knitting as well.
She loves everything I make for her.
I'm excited to give her this for Easter...
I know the look on her face won't disappoint my heart.



Added Note ~
One reason this Bunny required a little more time in the making is because about half way through the process she needed some
repair work...
After picking Gabby up from school one day,
I took her to the library.
This is something we have done together since she was in a stroller.
I live walking distance and the added bonus is my eldest daughter,
her beloved Aunt Hil {Hilary}
is a Librarian there.
So, not only does Gabby share my love of books and reading,
we get to have a visit also.
Anyway, back to the scene of the crime....
We returned home just in the nick of time for my son in law 
to pick Gabby up from my house,
which was a very good thing for more reasons than I first realized.
He had her whisked out the door before she saw what I discovered,
which would have ruined the surprise of her Easter gift from me.
I had rather absentmindedly left my knitting basket,
holding the already knitted and stuffed body of this bunny and two comlpleted bunnies
in the floor by my chair...
And Miss Phoebe the Naughty Weenie Dog,
who really loves her "babies" and really hates for mommy to be gone...
Had a Hay Day!!!
Archer's was untouched, thankfully.
But the other two were finally located underneath my bed 
on a bid dog pillow
where Phoebe hides all contraband.
It's the very first place I always look.
One bunny had just a loose stitch and needed a new tail.
Gabby's bunny had some chewing around the nose area that I was able to
 snip and tuck in due to the fact
I had used two strands throughout.
Plus I was able to tack it down and hide it with the embroidered nose.
So, at least she chose a good spot for her chomping...
I guess.


  1. Hi Danette,
    The bunny is adorable. I'm sure Gabby will like it very much.
    And I just love the story of Phoebe's mischief, it made me smile :)

    1. Thanks Olga... Gabby will love it, I'm sure!
      And Phoebe... she's a piece of work... always... and I don't know what I'd do without her ;-)

  2. Danette,

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Have enjoyed your little blog here. All the beautiful inspiration. Love hearing about how you are teaching your granddaughter to knit and crochet. I remember spending time at my grandma's house learning how to crochet. Precious memories were made. Have to chuck as my sweet dogs sound like Miss Phoebe too.

    1. I have so many precious memories of both of my grandmother's. I learned to bake with them. I want to build as many memories with my grandchildren as possible. It's the good stuff in life, that's for sure. These dogs are something, aren't they?! Like little children.


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