Friday, March 4, 2016

Sunshine Through Lace

I'm just popping in for a quick 
Good Morning 
to all of you before I get on with my Friday.
I wasn't planning to do a blog post today but then I woke up to a morning full of
Yesterday was cold, grey, wet, windy and even snowy.
Not the kind of snow that made a pretty blanket on the ground.
Just the kind that drizzled through the air all day and melted as soon as it landed.
But it went on all day long with not a single ray of sunshine in sight, not once.
It was however, a cozy day around here, for me.
I had my dear friend Amy for an afternoon of tea and knitting.
She comes at least once a week
{and twice if we can squeeze it in}
and spends whole lovely afternoons with me.
In the colder months we stay tucked in my warm kitchen with the kettle going,
a pot of tea always under a cozy,
my dogs napping contentedly in their bed together
and my little fireplace glowing.
Mack & Phoebe

Then as Winter finally gives up the ghost and Spring is reborn,
with my beloved Summer fresh on its heels,
we settle ourselves on my porch
{me on my swing, Amy on my vintage wicker settee}
and drink our tea and knit and crochet the afternoons away in the glorious fresh air.
On those days there's a smaller dog bed that is dragged out to the porch so the doggies 
can nap and "visit" with passersby.
I live on Main Street in a small town.
We have lots and lots of people strolling by all day long to have wonderful chats with.
When the weather is warm enough we're also joined by my song birds in their cages.
{Noah the Cockatiel and Spencer the White Dove}
 I carry them out and set them on the porch and they sing for the pure
 of it all afternoon...
and doze in the sunshine that trickles through the leaves on the big ancient maple tree shading the whole of my front lawn.

On this morning drenched in beautiful 
there are so many things I am so thankful for...
Small, constant, homely, warm, every day, cozy things...

My simple yet "perfect for ME in every way" home
My Husband... Can't even say it all here.
My beautiful, wonderful children and grandchildren... God is so GOOD.
My entire whole family {you know who you are}
My dogs, birds, kitty cat and squirrels and bunnies I feed in the yard.

My knitting group who keeps me steady through life all through each season, rain or shine, in and out of my house every Monday night week after week, year after year.
A special friend who comes to my home to share a cup of tea and play with yarn and make the gloomy days seem cozy and the sunny days even shinier. 
The many friends, so close to my heart. I am blessed with an abundance of friends.
A very, very dear friend God brought to me right here through this blog
{you know who YOU are... we are spiritual sisters... talking, texting, praying, sharing all of life}
And finally...
I really, really am 
So thankful
for days of 
Sunshine through Lace
When I open my front door and see this sight
my heart knows Spring is just as anxious
to enjoy my front porch swing as I am.

Wishing you days filled with 
Abundant Sunshine of the Heart


"Why do you spend money for what is not bread,
And your wages for what does not satisfy?
Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good,
And delight yourself in abundance."
Isaiah 55:2


  1. Hi Danette! Your knitting parties sound lovely, and I loved the glimpses of your home. Your floors are exactly like mine. When we were looking for a small farm I was thrilled to find an older home with real wood floors. Even the linoleum in our kitchen is covering oak flooring. I love older homes.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hello Toni~
      I have the loveliest time with all of my friends. I really do... knitting, crocheting, drinking tea, sharing life's ups and downs.
      And I absolutely LOVE old houses! Wouldn't trade mine for anything.
      The wood floors, french doors, beveled lead glass, rooms that could tell a million stories...
      I love glimpses of other people's homes too. And their lives.
      One of the most fun things about blogging :-)
      You have a wonderful weekend Toni,

  2. Sounds super cozy, Danette! I love your grateful heart!

    1. Oh Thank You Dearest... What a truly kind thing for you to say.

  3. what a beautiful post, full of the precious things in life that give us so much joy! Your visits with friends in the winter and spring sound like heaven on earth!

    1. Oh Thank you my friend... I love my friendships here in this beautiful world of blogs so much. I look forward to seeing what everyone is making and doing and feeling and thinking and how your children or grandchildren are growing and blossoming. I just love people and all of our vast differences. I love it that we can be connected all over the world with people who share the same interests. Thanks for spending time with my Julie... it means more to me than you know it does, truly.


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