Monday, February 29, 2016

It Must Be Bunny Love

I decided a few days ago that my grandchildren need 
knitted and stuffed bunnies for Easter this year.
I made them some last year.
Just the tiny, stripey ones that I showed in my last post.
The ones I call
 "Pocket Bunnies" 
on my 
They love them and still carry them around and play with them.
Hilary told me Archer enjoys making his hop.
His way of making this happen is to fling it onto the floor
and then stomp it half to death.
Hilary assures me he is in his sock feet...not his shoes.
{In case I was bothered by this abuse}
I told her it doesn't matter, that it's his bunny now
and he can treat it however he wants to.
Archer will be 2 this September...
So you see he probably really does think he is making the bunny hop
when he does this ;-)

This year however, I went on the hunt for a bunny 
that looked more like a 
And after scouring Ravelry and Etsy this is the one
 I fell in love with.
You can find this absolutely adorable pattern for sale on 
a beautiful Shop called
If you are interested just click this link to go straight to the pattern.
I won't be knitting these darling fella's up for my own shop though
because Joanne, the shops owner and creator of this too sweet pattern,
doesn't allow her patterns to be used for selling purposes.
That's okay by me. 
Not only did I really just want to make them for my grandchildren,
I have great respect for the talent and hard work of other people
and feel strongly about honoring their wishes...ALWAYS.
I'm just thankful to have found her shop and her patterns.
This was so well written and worked up just perfectly.
I'll be making more purchases from her in the future.

The first bunny pictured in the basket
{the cute fella seated on your left}
is the one who will go to Archer.... my little stomper.
It's the second
bunny rabbit I made.
Look at that tail... isn't it the cutest?!!

The one sitting on the right was my first one...
my trial run, so to speak.
And although I do like him...
I don't necessarily love him. 
His flaws are not readily noticeable in this charming layout I configured
for Instagram but I can see them when I hold him in my hand.
He's knit from a fiber blend of 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool
 held single stranded
and I can 
see through the stitches to the stuffing...eek!!!
And NO!!!!
I'm not totally crazy about the embroidery work on his face.
this sweet guy will not be going to one of my little sweeties for Easter.
He is destined to live out his days 
much more gently
right here with 
The one I prefer was made from 100% Virgin Wool 
held double stranded...
nice and tight...
no stuffing peaking out there!
And I'm a bit happier with the face...
still a work in progress :-)
There are more to be made, so I figure each one will get a tad better.
At first I was worried about using wool, thinking they should be washable.
Even though I really wanted to use this particular wool because
I love the color for a rabbit.
Then I showed it to my daughters and they both loved it too.
They said,
"Go ahead, we don't care about washing them anyway."
Well, there you go.
I guess if they get too dirty in the whole hopping/stomping 
process of their lives
I can always make more.




  1. Those are lovely little bunnies for your sweet little loves! I'm sure they will love them dearly. : )

    1. Thank you Kar! I'm sure they will carry them around by their ears and arms and love them to bits and pieces through the years... :-)

  2. They are darling. I'm tempted to try making one but I'm afraid my knitting skills are lacking. One of these days though.
    xx Beca

    1. You should try it Beca.... you just might be surprised... :-)


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