Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bunny Tales

On Saturday, having various errands to run,
and with our granddaughter Gabby,
 who had spent Friday night over,
in tow,
we took a little road trip for the day.
Just close around home.
It reached an unseasonable 61 degrees here that day.
So our first stop was the car wash.
While we sat there waiting to enter into the world of swirling suds,
I knitted happily away,
until I began to 
I couldn't figure out why on earth Scott would turn on the heat
on such a beautiful day.
Men are usually chomping at the bit to turn on air conditioning.
I finally said,
"What are you doing... I'm dying over here!"
Long story short...
The dual control was malfunctioning so his side was kicking out his 
beloved air conditioning
while mine was cranking out some seriously high heat.
And here I thought I was having one of those 
Bad Baby Hot Flashes!!!
Next stop was the car dealership.
Turns out our brand spanking new van needs a new part.

We continued on our way to Pekin, the next town over.
We wanted to take Gabby shopping, out to lunch
and to visit my father in law 
who is convalescing for a couple more weeks 
in a nursing home there.
Seeing as how we were en route even longer
than I originally thought we would be,
I was quite pleased with myself for having the foresight
to stock my knitting basket with several different colors of yarn
so I could just keep happily whipping out little bunnies 
all day long if need be.
But as I finished up the very first 
little fella
"Oh NO!, I don't have a darning needle!!!"
Well thankfully I still had the circular needle I had used for knitting
the bunny ears hat down in the bottom of my basket
so I was able to transfer the first little bunny off 
the straight needle and onto it,
therefore freeing it up so I could continue on.
I ended up getting the first three ...
bunnies done that day.
I found the effect of them all lined up together so charming however,
that I carried on when I got home.
Now I have several little bunnies
awaiting faces , ears and fluffy tails. 

There's just one last bit of my 
Bunny Tale
I want to share with you...
As we rounded the corner that finally landed us on 
the street that would take us to visit my father in law
this was the conversation
as I was knitting with ever increasing speed 
to reach that "perfect stopping point"...

Man Behind the Wheel...
"Okay, We're almost there, Better go ahead and pinch it off."
{WHAT??!??!! I mean really only a man would say such a thing}.
Lady Who is Speed Knitting...
"Actually, I'm going to cut it off."
Man Behind the Wheel...
"Well there's no reason to be violent about it."



  1. That's funny! Your bunnies are super cute! Didn't I see them on Ravelry?
    I'm knitting a bright mitten at the moment.
    I love your colors!

    1. Life IS funny with MEN :-))))
      Yes... they are on Ravelry... on MY page and on as their original pattern....
      I cannot wait to see you beautiful bright mittens!
      I hope you show them real soon.......
      Lovely day to you {we are having high winds and SNOW again here today...},

  2. LOL! Love his respond to your cutting it off. :) And what delightful little knitted creations!

    1. Aren't MEN the funniest of all creatures?!
      Thank you for "liking" my knitted goodness... And thank you for visiting with me! :-)

  3. oh my gosh, those are going to be the cutest little bunnies!

  4. Ha ha, "pinch it off" my eye!
    Love the bunny tale!

    1. Tee Hee! Aren't MEN a hoot sometimes?!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Twoje prace są zawsze urocze i w pięknych gustownych kolorach!!!Pozdrawiam serdecznie


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