Monday, February 15, 2016

A Heart Full of Love

Happy Monday to You All!
I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with 
precious memories 
loved ones
as mine was.
Scott and I stayed tucked in while the snow continued
to fall all around us throughout most of the day.
We treated ourselves to  homemade waffles for breakfast 
and coffee with real, heavy {fattening} delicious cream.
He gave me this lovely miniature
Rose Garden
in a clay pot.
I love the little trellis standing up behind it.
I gave him chocolates...
That's the way things are done here.
I get the flowers...
HE gets the chocolates ... 
{because, sadly I am allergic to chocolate...UGH!!!}.
Our other tradition is a cake I have been baking him 
since our very first Valentine's Day
as newlywed's.
Red Cinnamon Cake
Cream Cheese Frosting

So yesterday afternoon I baked a cake.
The house smelled so heavenly... all warm & cinnamon-y.
We spent the evening snuggled up by the fireplace watching a
Hallmark Valentine Movie Marathon...
Having our cake and eating it too!

In my next post I'm going to share the recipe for the cake and the frosting.
The original recipe is from an old cookbook but after I made it that 
very first time...
I completely changed it.
So you won't find the recipe anywhere but here, as it's truly my own.
I hope you like it.
It has been a family favorite all of my married life.
My youngest daughter, Chelsea, who has a February birthday, 
often requests it for her special day.
We will be celebrating her birthday next weekend.
I'm still waiting for her request for this year....

As for the darling little 
Hearts Around Doilies
pictured at the very top,
I made those for my Valentine gifts for my Knit Night Girls.
They meet here every Monday night.
We were meant to be having our 
Valentine Party
with one another tonight.
However, quite irritatingly,
I've come down with a case of the sniffles and body aches today.
I'm staying cozy in bed with my doggies,
{for the most part}
drinking tea,

{this is my current shouldn't take too long... just 977 pages ;-)  
I do SO love Rosamunde Pilcher.
I've read 
oh... I don't know how many times.}

looking out my bedroom window at snow covered trees.
Looks like I'll get to celebrate with my Knit Night Girls next week instead.
That's okay...
as far as I'm concerned
Valentine's Day
can last 




  1. Sounds like you had a pretty wonderful day!

    1. Yes! We really did! We enjoyed every single moment together...
      Just simple stuff... But it was wonderful :-)

  2. What a groovy Valentine's you had. Sounds great to
    me. Oh yummy that cake looks delish. Enjoy reading
    your book.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Hello Anita!
      We had a lovely day together :-)
      The cake was {and still is} divine.
      As for the book... only 850 pages to go!
      Rosamunde Pilcher books have me sucked in from the first paragraph so I love the fact that they are a long read. I make my home with the characters.
      Happy Day,

  3. Those little heart coasters are so cute. I like the idea of gifting them to friends. It will make the perfect mug rug. I hope you start feeling better soon.
    xx Beca

    1. Thank you Beca ... I can never get enough of heart things!!!
      I've laid around all week, plus I hurt my back yesterday and can't stand up straight! UGH!
      Hopefully a few more days will make it all better...
      Happy day dear friend,

  4. What a perfect way to spend a special day. My favourite Rosamund Pilcher novel has always been The Shell Seekers.
    Beautiful crochet as always and the cake looked divine xx

    1. Yes ~ Our day was truly perfect!
      I LOVE The Shell Seekers! It was my first Rosamunde Pilcher read about 20 years ago and the one that got me hooked for life.
      Thanks for your sweet compliments :-)))
      Have a lovely day my dear friend,

  5. such pretty valentine doilies, and I love miniature roses, too! Looks like you had a truly special day.

    1. Thank you Julie! I just have a thing for these miniature roses... hope I can keep this one alive :-)
      We had a perfect day!
      Lovely evening to you friend,


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