Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Bunny Making Time Again...

Just a few days ago, while looking through the calendar,
I realized that Easter comes early this year...
as in March instead of April.
Who knew?!!
Not ME!
Which means it's time to kick it into high gear 
for my usual bunny hop,
not only for my Etsy Shop
but local customers as well.
So a couple of nights ago, as you can see,
 I began to gather some supplies.
Because I love making bunnies 
So Much
I keep a particular basket well stocked
with nothing but 
bunny making paraphernalia.
In the Springtime my LYS owner
places a huge order for me of all the colors I need of
made by Plymouth Yarn.
It's a fiber blend of 51% Cotton & 49% Acrylic.
I love it!
It has beautiful stitch definition.
It's soft and it's machine washable and dryable.
Just perfect for baby items.
Here's my first born bunny for this Spring.
Straight off the needles today.
This one is already sitting pretty on my
I like to leave the ribbons off for one picture
in case someone out there
prefers a little less frill.
I can't help myself...
I just love that little pom pom tail.

Another tiny little bunny has already hopped 
onto my needles this afternoon.
He'll grow up to be a 
Pocket Bunny
like this one from last Spring
{who is long gone...}.

I knit countless amounts of these every Spring.
Not only do they go online
but I have so many local customers who order them
that I can barely make them fast enough.
Surprisingly, they even sell in the Fall
when I take them to the Craft Fair
at the Pumpkin Festival.
Guess I'm not the only 
Bunny Lover
out there ;-)




  1. Lol. Yes Easter is early thing sneaky! lol
    Love the hat and the flower is cool.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. I know... it IS sneaky... I really do prefer Easter to stay politely in April. But for some reason nobody ever consults ME...
      Just had to have a bit of fun with the basic bunny ear hat :-)

  2. Helo dearest, I love love bunnies and have yet to crochet one. I have many cloth ones though.. Your bunnie hat is adorable.. And your little pocket guy too. I havent a clue what day is Easter I never do till it arrives,lol. Thank you for your visit, happy weekend wirh love Janice

    1. I'm not surprised you share my love for bunnies... we have similar tastes in so many other pretties :-)
      Easter has always sneaked right up on me too... I try hard to figure it out in advance these days for my family's sake and so I can make bunnies to sell.

  3. Your hats are always so cute! Have fun making them. : )

    1. Oh ... Thanks Kar! Thought I'd add a little pomp and circumstance to the basic bunny... ;-)

  4. The bunnies are among my favorite things. Love when they come out to visit each Spring. When you are not so busy, I will place a special order for one white with green stripes and one brown with black stripes made a little bigger to represent the parents of our brood. Love you girly girly. Genie Bunny Beanie

    1. Hello My Genie Bunny Beanie... :-)))
      I will make you anything your big heart desires... anytime you want it! Bunnies are my absolute favorite things.
      I see today is our Sweet Miss Holly's 9th Birthday... WOOT WOOT!!! Kiss her for me.
      Love You,


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