Friday, January 29, 2016

A Little of This... A Little of That...

My friend Krista just became Grandma to her first granddaughter
Lydia Kathleen.
Every new baby needs to be swaddled in a snuggly soft blanket 
so when I found out Lydia was expected I grabbed my crochet hook and ordered this heavenly  yarn from Knit Picks.
It's 100% Organic Cotton.

The pattern is called
Keepsake Cover Up. 
It's from this Leisure Arts book I've had for ages...
published in 1994 it says.
It has a couple of pretty afghans I've made several times over the years for gifts.
Sometimes it's fun to pull these old books off the shelf.

I had to make a little something from a new book as well though.
A pair of pink crocheted baby mittens.

This darling pattern is in one of my favorite books.

I love them so much that I just had to make some more for my 
They're the kind for newborns with no thumbs.

And here's a totally unrelated thing I just have to show you because 
I absolutely love it.
It's a Tea Wallet
I found on the wonderful Etsy Shop

I always carry tea bags in my purse
 {I like to be ready for a good cup of tea at all times}
 but .... well you know....
after we dig through our purses a million times...
those little tea bags in their packages get in pretty sad shape sometimes.
So Voila' problem solved!
And quite prettily, I might add.

My new friend Meryl also makes many other lovely items on her shop
 such as:

Cosmetic Bags
Coin Purses
Key Fobs
Crossbody Bags 
Lavender Sachets

Plus, wait until you see her 
hand painted flowers
on some of her bags!
I am in awe of her talents.

On a more personal note ...
I have a very ill father-in-law at present who I am helping to care for.
My in-laws are near 90 and, thankfully, live next door to me.
This makes it so much easier to go back and forth as needed.
He had surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm in mid December.
During the surgery things didn't go well and he incurred spinal damage.
After a month in the hospital, he is now home and needing constant care.
I don't often mention things like this here thinking maybe I should keep this blog my
"Happy Place"
and a 
Place of Refuge
for those who read it.
We all carry our own burdens each and every day.
I like to make people smile and laugh and feel good and give them something pretty to look at when they visit my blog.
But then there is 
Real Life 
as well.
I appreciate your prayers for my sweet father-in-law at this time.
Thank you,

And wherever you are ...
May you be 
tucked in with your loved ones
with some crochet or knitting on your lap
{if that's your "thing"}
and a 
Good Cup of Tea 
within your reach.


  1. What a sweet post! Your knitted treasures look so soft and adorable. The babies will love them! Your tea wallet is very pretty too. I am starting to carry tea bags in my purse too. God watch over your dear father-in-law and give you the strength and energy to care for him. You have a beautiful blog, Danette, and thank you for stopping by. I am happy to be your newest follower. Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Thank you so very much Sandi, for everything.
      You have been so helpful to me today.
      I think I will do a post soon and lead everyone to your blog so they can read about what's going on. You said it all so perfectly. I really had begun to worry that either I had done something to offend people or they just found me plain boring.
      I have always loved your beautiful blog.
      God Bless You My Friend,

  2. So many delish ideas here!! Just adore the tea bag holder, so
    very pretty.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Thanks Anita! I really do just LOVE it! It's perfect for tea drinkers on the go.
      Happy Weekend,

  3. I will have to try the Knit Picks yarn, cotton baby blankets are the best! Yours turned out beautiful.
    I guess it's because I'm getting older, but I keep running into people who are busy caring for their sick elders (myself included). It can be very draining at times. Don't forget to take care of yourself too :) Enjoy the weekend!

    1. I couldn't live without Knit Picks yarn! Try their Shine Worsted or DK sometime too. It's a blend of pima cotton and natural beech wood fiber. Very soft with a bit of sheen. Scrumptious for baby items.
      Yes, I think it's our age {I'm 51 and Scott is 55}. My parents are doing very well but I am their eldest and they are in their earl 70's. Scott's the youngest and his parents are almost 90.
      Thanks for the support... you do the same. It's an honor to care for them but also exhausting at times.
      Have a lovely weekend Lynne,

  4. Very pretty gift for your friends granddaughter. You are so sweet!
    Also sending lots of prayers and hugs to you and your family during this time of need with your FIL.


    1. Thank you so much my friend!!!
      I truly appreciate it.
      With Love,

  5. Hi Danette, I am often a teabag in the bottom of the bag person often too! In fact, I have been known to take my teapot, caddy of loose Tea, strainer, and China cup with menopause occasions.

    1. It sounds perfectly normal to me Miss Fi!
      I cannot be without my TEA!!!
      Love to you!

  6. It's always fun crocheting for a new baby. That's a sweet blanket you made. I love Knit Picks yarn. Great selection. Prayers for your father in law and strength for you and the rest of the family.
    xx Beca

    1. Yes! I LOVE making baby items :-)))
      I love everything KNIT PICKS!
      Thank you for your prayers. My Father in law had to be hospitalized again today. He's in the Cardiac ICU. I had to get the home nurse there today because his breathing was very labored.
      We've had a very long day...

  7. The blanket is so pretty, and the tiny mittens are just adorable.
    And a tea pocket is a great idea. It looks so cute too, beautiful fabric.

    1. Thanks Olga!
      I really do love the tea wallet :-)))
      I ordered some yarn to make one of your patterns I just purchased... I can't wait!

  8. That blanket is beautiful, what a sweet gift! And I love the tea wallet, such a great concept- and much prettier than the ziploc bag of tea I keep in my purse. I'll be thinking of you father in law, and hoping things improve for him.

    1. Thank you Julie!
      I really do love the tea wallet - It has transformed things for me!
      Thanks for your well wishes for my father in law. Things got worse and he is now in a nursing home for some convalescence. We hope to have him home eventually...
      Hope you are doing well in your corner of the world.

  9. Replies
    1. Oh... Thank you so much!
      And please visit often :-)


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