Thursday, January 14, 2016

Daisy Poncho made with Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks

Once the hustle -  bustle of the holidays
came to an end
I entered the New Year
with a fun new project 
a Beautiful set of
Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks.
The set pictured is the
and can be purchased on my shop.
This lovely multicolored satin case is included.

The Daisy Poncho was a custom order 
and it was one of those 
"create as you go along"
It was made for a regular customer as a surprise birthday gift for her sister.
It always makes me happy to be involved in surprises!
 I love the POP the Big Daisy makes...
And the flounce of the floral edging,
which was crocheted separately then stitched on.
{It took me 3 solid hours to hand stitch it on but it was worth it.}
The pattern for the edging can be found in 
Crocheting on the Edge
Nicky Epstein
This is a fabulous book that I have used many times for finishing work.
The edging on this poncho is found in the "Flora" section.
It's called Honeysuckle.
I think it might be my favorite for poncho's,
as I've used it more than once over the years.
It gives that extra feel of femininity to have flowers
dancing around one's body.

And if you like to crochet flowers
 this book is a MUST HAVE.
You'll find the pattern for the daisy and leaves inside it's beautiful pages.

There is no actual "pattern" for the poncho itself.
It is constructed of a stitch I like.
I determine the amount of stitches I need for the desired width
then I make two rectangular panels of the same length.
Then they are hand stitched together and ready for any edging and embellishment
I want or a customer has requested.
I have also made this poncho many times using knitted roses with I-cord stems and leaves
vining around the neckline.
That's a favorite of mine.

The yarn I used throughout was Knit Picks Comfy Worsted
75% Pima Cotton
25% Acrylic
It is super soft against the skin and lightweight on the body.
Plus machine wash and dry.
The body of the poncho is done in the color Peony.
The daisy is White with a center of Creme Brulee.
The leaves are Jalapeno.
Since I am not fond of the little hole left in the center of a crocheted flower,
I usually prefer to sew a bead in.
This one has a creamy pearl bead sewn to the center.

But getting back to those exquisite hooks...

I am so excited that I am now being given the privilege of selling
these beautiful tools on my 

If you are interested in these gorgeous hooks
click on the live link above each picture.

The hooks are reasonably priced and made using the following 
Sustainable Exotic Woods:

$10.00 each

$9.00 each

$9.00 each

I have been crocheting for 33 years and during that time
I have searched high and low for 
Crochet Hooks.
And now I've found them.

You can read my story of how I found them and why I love them
the Laurel Hill Blog

For those of you who Crochet,
you just have to try them.
I promise you will
Fall in Love.




  1. Lovely indeed and I too love the big daisy Great job Happy almost Friday with love Janice

    1. Thank you Janice!
      Happy Friday!
      I'll be hopping around your blog today to catch up. I've been sick lately and not on here.

  2. Beautiful poncho!!! I'm not a crocheter of any talent, so
    I'm interested in what is the stitch called that you've done
    the poncho in? Just fab.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Thank you Anita!
      It's just 1 single crochet with a chain 3 and then 3 double crochets.
      Then when you come back in the next row and place the 3 double crochet stitches in the chain 3 space it makes the pattern sit at a slant. I use this stitch often to create my own pattern for ponchos or blankets. It's quick, easy and I love the slanted effect. The edging was crocheted separately then sewn on. The stitching on part took me a solid 3 hours... Phew!
      Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  3. Love the poncho especially the edging. Love your Etsy shop too.
    xx Beca

    1. Oh Thanks Beca!!!
      The edging was my favorite part :-)
      Although it took a solid 3 hours to stitch it on...
      The pattern for the edging can be found in "Crocheting on the Edge"
      by Nicky Epstein. Page 98 in the Flora section. It's called Honeysuckle.
      Happy Weekend to you Dear Friend,

  4. It's a very beautiful poncho Danette. The big daisy looks wonderful. And wow, three hours just to stitch the edging. That's some serious work. But yes, the final result was totally worth it. I'm sure the lady who'll get it for her birthday will be thrilled.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Olga... high praise from one with your crochet talent my friend! The package should arrive in Pennsylvania today. My customer who ordered it is in Chicago and will let me know her sister's reaction. I am crossing my fingers that she is happy :-)
      Happy weekend to you,

  5. Beautiful poncho Danette! And the hooks are gorgeous also. I might have to go browse on their site and give them a look. : )

    1. Thanks Kar!
      They are AWESOME hooks!
      You can purchase them on my Etsy shop too if you're interested.
      I have all of them... just still in the process of listing them :-)

  6. Hi friend! I think I need to get better at crochet. When I do, I want those cool hooks! I finally remembered to put your blog on my blog roll so I won't be missing any more posts.
    The poncho is darling! You're so good, Danette!

    1. Hello My Friend! :-)
      I wish you lived close to me... we would make you a Crochet Queen together! These hooks truly are the BEST! I just sold my first set on my shop :-) They are all I will use from now on, that's for sure!
      Thanks for your sweet comments on my poncho. My customer sent me a picture of her sister wearing it yesterday. They were both very happy and THAT'S what it's all about for me... putting a smile on someones face :-)
      Happy Day to you Friend,

  7. Your poncho looks fabulous Danette. I've got a crochet border book by Edie Eckman but this one looks really good too. I may have to get myself a copy. Those hooks look really lovely and beautifully handcrafted.

    1. Thank you Ruby! I'm not familiar with the crochet edging book you have but I'm going to look into it. We can never have too many :-)
      I really do LOVE these hooks!
      Happy Day My Friend,

  8. Those crochet hooks look gorgeous, and I love the poncho, so pretty xx


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