Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Stitch At A Time

One of my greatest pleasures in life is to pass on my love for knitting and crocheting to someone else.  Over the years I have done this as many times as possible and hope to do so as long as I have breath in my body and the ability to hold a hook and a pair of needles! The youngest student I ever taught was my friend Amy's sweet daughter Betsi when she was only six years old. I put a pair of knitting needles in her tiny little hands, showed her how to cast on and in one afternoon she took to it like a fish in water.

Now that sweet girl is 17 and still knitting away. As part of her homeschooling this year her mother sends her to my house on Wednesday afternoon's for more knitting lessons to advance her skills. We enjoy our time together very much. {Even the poochies are always happy to see her!} We play with yarn and chat and wonder where the time goes. How fun it has been to be a part of this special young ladies life one stitch at a time.

For next week's lesson I'm going to put a crochet hook in her hand for the first time. I can hardly wait!


  1. How lovely that you are sharing your talents!

  2. I enjoy doing it so very much! I'm just so happy when someone wants me to. I give private knitting and crochet lessons year round. The local yarn shop hands out my cards and God brings so many wonderful people into my life this way. I LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by Jane. Have a great day!

  3. Hello Danette,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am always excited when someone new and wonderful drops by for a visit. :)

    I too love to knit and hope someday to learn to crochet. The busy of my little shop has left me with little time to knit as of late, but I make sure to get in a row or two just about daily.

    I hope you drop in again soon. Happy knitting and continue to enjoy a lovely week.



    1. I will drop by frequently Beverly, that's for sure! Your blog is quite lovely! Your shop is gorgeous and I will be browsing it as well. Thanks for stopping by for a visit with me. Happy knitting to you as well!

  4. Being a homeschool mom, I appreciate when another teacher can add to my daughter's education. How fun, and the friendship will last a lifetime I'm sure!

  5. Thanks Brenda! I agree. I homeschooled my youngest daughter and some help along the way is a blessed thing! And ~ yes ~ the frienship will last forever.


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