Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happily Ever After

Though I have been under the weather the last couple of weeks I did make it to a gala event last  night with my family. The daughter of my husband's life long best friend got married, so I HAD to be there! It was beautiful and fun and it was good to be out of the house enjoying an afternoon and evening of laughter and good times with family and old friends. Just thought I would show a few photos.|
Chelsea & Eric {my youngest daughter & new Son~In~Law}

Just remember I am still looking a bit pastey! Still not up to snuff just yet. I have my daughter Hilary's bridal shower this afternoon at the local library. She is a librarian there and her coworkers are having the party for her today. It will be a lot of fun. There's always something deliciously exciting feeling about being in the library when it is closed to the public! Anyway, after that it will be back to my flannel jammies! Hope you are all have a wonderful ~ and healthy! ~ weekend!
Hilary & Brandon {my oldest daughter & soon to be Son~In~Law}
Brandon, Hilary, Chelsea, Eric, Me & Scott
And we all lived Happily Ever After!


  1. I love photos of a good family knees-up- and what beautiful daughters you have!
    Glad you're on the mend now.
    Enjoy your week.

    1. Thanks Miss "Annaboo"! {Sarah}, Nothing like good times with family. Today's bridal shower for my daughter was a lot of fun too. Maybe I just needed some good old fashioned laughter to help my recovery! I'm still kinda snot nosed, but oh well......

  2. I am so happy you are feeling better!!


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