Saturday, February 4, 2012

Knitted Knockers

A few years ago I saw an advertisement in the back of a knitting magazine for these knitted breasts. I was very intrigued but couldn't figure out where to get a pattern for them. Then finally one day last summer I walked into my LYS and there one sat all made up. I was so excited! I said, "I HAVE to have the pattern, where is it?!" Well, don't you know they were giving them out for free to anyone who will make some of these little beauties for the American Cancer Society.
So I grabbed that pattern in my hot little hand, bought some various yarns for the project {plus used some from my unending stash!} and before long I was in the boob business around here. I mean it got to where I had to be careful because without thinking I was asking everyone who came to the house if they wanted to see know...! Then I'd have to explain myself in a hurry and show them what I was working on and tell them about the whole project. And of course I did have quite a bit of fun showing them off to my knit night girls! Even Hubby got a kick out of all of our carrying on that night. Anyway, back to business here.  They are even pretty from the back side. They are knit in the round on dpn's and are actually rather soothing to work on. You choose whatever cup size you want and they really don't take much time to make. And I think they are even pretty from the back side. I like the way they dip in at the center, making them concave so they stay in place better when slipped inside a bra. I think the whole thing is ingenious!

And I love knowing they are going for a good cause. The whole story behind the pattern is definitely worth reading so please do look it up when you have time at The Knitting Experience. For those of you who are interested in making and donating some but are crocheters there is also the crocheted version of the pattern available.
Another good site to look up is Knitty Titty Committee where their goal is to help mastectomy patients obtain free or low cost knitted prostheses. The silicone ones are heavy and can cause sweating and irritation so these knitted or crocheted versions make nice alternatives. They say the ladies enjoy them when they are wild and funky so have fun with them! One of my knit night girls even put a tiny silver ring on hers to pierce the nipple. I mean ~ why not?! 


  1. What a great cause! Although I'm going to admit, the "Knitty Titty Committee" made me giggle a bit.

  2. I know! It makes me giggle a bit too! I even hesitated to post this because I didn't want anyone to be offended but I really do thing it's a good cause. Thanks Audry!

  3. Hi Danette,
    Thankyou for posting this!
    I was totally unaware of knitted titties, (giggle).

    What a great project. I might have to see if there is a need for it in my area, and get my craft women at church to start knitting!

    Who did you do yours for?



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