Monday, January 30, 2012

Cupcakes Anyone?

One of my favorite things to knit is baby hats. They are cute, soft, warm & so quick to make that it's almost instant gratification. And who doesn't love to see little cherub cheeks peeking out of them?! So I do make many baby hats for gifts and for customers. I love all of them but I have to say nothing tickles me so very much as these darling cupcake hats do! I mean really.... such sweet little confections. And they are so adorable with precious baby faces peering out from underneath.  I load them up with as many crystal and glass sprinkles as I can without making the whole thing too sickeningly sweet. I love the way they sparkle in the light. Each hat has between 85 ~ 100 beads depending on the size of the hat. I actually enjoy sewing each bead on. It's fun to see where the cupcake will take me from start to finish. These hats are a real creative outlet for me. They're like knitting and baking rolled into one without the kitchen cleanup {or the calories}! Also there's a wee bit of crochet thrown in with the tiny ruffled piping going around the frosting edge.

*And ~ yes ~ I realize the picture is sideways ~ Dang it anyway! I snapped just this one picture and they are off to the boutique now so I went ahead & posted it in hopes you all might just hold your head sideways for a  moment or so. Sorry!

Happy Monday!


  1. Those cupcake hats are too cute!! and I can't believe how many beads, but they do make perfect 'sprinkles'! they look amazing.

  2. Thanks Julie! They are so much cuter right side up!

  3. Those are adorable! They would look so cute on an Anne Geddes baby picture shoot!

  4. Oh how sweet are those? Adorable!

    1. Thanks Sarah! They really are so much cuter in person, on a baby and upright!


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