Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tea and Roses

There are two things I love just about as much as knitting and crocheting ~ tea and anything covered in roses {especially if it's something I can use for tea drinking!}.  That's why when I found this pattern last week on Ravelry for the "Leaf Cuddler" created by Kara Mayfield I paid my $3.00 and downloaded it immediately. Then I went straight to my stash, dug out some lovely green Cascade 220 wool and in less than 30 minutes {the instructions are excellant, with great pictures} had the cutest cup cozy I have ever seen in my life! I will most definitely be making these for gifts.  I am always drawn to anything with either flowers or leaves in the pattern and this one is so pretty around my cup with the roses. Sets it off just perfectly! Oh~ and the pretty porcelain to go cup was a recent gift my husband got for me from Victorian Trading Company {my absolute favorite online store}.
While I'm on the topic, thought I would show off  a couple of my favorite tea cozies I have knitted for myself in the past. One sits in an open corner china cabinet in my dining room and the other in a glass fronted china cabinet in my kitchen. I enjoy using them both frequently. It's so nice to have a variety, especially for when the girls & I have our tea at knit night. As long as you knit them up using wool they really do hold the heat in and as far as I'm concerned no teapot really wants to be naked anyway!


  1. I absolutely love the cup cozy! Can't wait to make one. I need to make a tea pot cozy as well. All of my pots are nakey! I am so excited for you to see Sir Henry' blanket. Only 3 rows to go! It is going to be beautiful!! Then on to a little something for myself me thinks! The cup cozy will be just the thing.
    Love you! :-)

  2. Gosh your tea cozies are gorgeous...Love the leaf cuddler!

  3. Carey ~ I told you I WILL MAKE YOU A LEAF CUDDLER!
    And thanks for the compliment Neicee. I have a real thing for tea cozies. I've made dozens of them. Most of them have been sold and some have been given as gifts but I have managed to hang on to a few. They just do it for me!

  4. gorgeous!! I love your travel mug, and the cozy for both the mug and the teapot are so pretty.

    1. Thanks Julie! And I love all your "Knitted Bliss"!

  5. Ahhh, Danette, a girl after my own heart!

    I love teacosies, you're right. No self-respecting teapot should be without one. As we speak, my husband is in the kitchen making tea and toast - our Saturday morning ritual - and a tea cosy will be involved. He will bring it back to bed, where we will flip through magazines (Country Living for me) and scan my blogs.

    Is that a rose covered takeaway coffee cup?

    Teacups and Tiskets

    1. Hello Fi! I love the sound of your Saturday morning ritual! What a good hubby you have. And you are drinking tea from my favorite china pattern in your lovely profile picture. Hope you have a long, lazy morning of magazine flipping & blog scanning. And the rose covered "takeaway" cup is from Victorian Trading Company, my fave online shopping fix! Love your blog, by the way!
      Happy weekend!


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